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Thanks for the Memories

Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
02/05/15 10:29 am EST

thadwhitebackgroundThe scene was familiar.  Thaddeus Young sat in front of his locker in a locker room on the event floor of the Wells Fargo Center after a loss.  He had done it many times before.  However, this time, it was different.

There was no name plate above Young’s head at the locker where he sat, and the reclining chair each player is afforded in the home locker room, where they usually conduct post-game interviews from, is absent.

The locker is noticeably empty behind him. When he leaves the Wells Fargo Center, he won’t be able to drive mere miles back home to his wife.  Instead, he has to fly back to Minnesota to prepare for a home game against the Cavaliers.

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Interview: Jordan McRae

Posted by: C. Smith
11/10/14 11:23 am EST

jordan-mcraeAUSAfter a very encouraging performance against the Derrick Rose-less Chicago Bulls on Friday night, the 76ers wrapped up another lost weekend by getting trounced in Toronto 120-88.  The score doesn’t even begin to tell the story as the Sixers were posterized and humiliated by one the best teams in the Eastern Conference all night.  Instead of rehashing that debacle up north through a Rapid Reacts recap and further depressing everyone, we decided to post something a little more positive.

If you have been surfing the old inter web for overseas basketball scores and highlights, then you probably know that 76ers’ 2014 draft day acquisition Jordan McRae is playing extremely well for the Melbourne Tigers of Australia’s National Basketball League.  In fact, McRae’s play (22.6 ppg.) has been so nice, I decided to give him a call to discuss life in Australia, his internet fame and what elements of his game he’s working on “Down Under”.

Q & A after the J…

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Interview: Thaddeus Young

Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
01/16/14 2:26 pm EST

thad3ballDraining the game winning 3-pointer last night for the 76ers (pic at left) was just the latest jaw dropping feat in what has been a stellar year for veteran forward Thaddeus Young.  

In addition to averaging career highs of 17.6 ppg. (19.8 in his last 10) and 6.6 rpg., Thad has become the leader of this Sixers’ roster and a Philadunkia nation favorite during one of the toughest seasons in the history of this franchise.  

The bonus to his heightened play this year is that Thad remains one of the classiest guys in the League.

As he pushes for a spot on the 2014 East All-Star squad, Thad took some time to jump on the phone with Philadunkia’s Jeff McMenamin and answer questions on the standout season he is having; his alleged trade request and the advice he is giving to his young teammates. 

Q&A after the J…

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A Sit Down with Sam

Posted by: Steve Toll
10/31/13 12:34 pm EST

samhinkiepressereditedIt’s 7:15 am and Sam Hinkie has just arrived at the Penrose Diner.

I’ve already been there for fifteen minutes.

He looks around and pulls out his phone.

I stride up to him and introduce myself.

First impressions are an important thing and given the chance to make one, I do.

Sam is here to answer questions but he isn’t exactly here to answer questions.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/30/13 6:16 pm EST

103013_Iverson-retires_600In front of a crowd of reporters at the Wells Fargo Center today, Allen Iverson finally closed the book on his basketball career. It was a decision which had taken Iverson three years of contemplation, before he finally decided what he believes is the best route for him and his family at this stage of his life.

Iverson statistically is one of the most decorated Sixers players of all time and — like LeBron James stated earlier this week — is likely the best pound-for-pound basketball player to ever play the game.

He was the 2001 NBA MVP and an 11-time All-Star. He won four NBA scoring titles, three steals titles, was a part of three NBA First Team’s and Second Team’s and won the 1997 NBA Rookie of the Year Award.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/08/13 3:52 pm EST

NBA-2With  the Sixers’ Global Game in Manchester, England against the Oklahoma City Thunder kicking off today, what better way to prep for the game then to hear all about what it’s like to be a Sixers fan in the U.K. from a friend to the site, Robert Covell.

Covell has been following the Sixers across the pond from the early ’80s and is excited about the expansion of the NBA’s popularity in Europe in the coming years.

After the jump, I’ll delve into what Covell and I talked about regarding the Sixers, the NBA’s expansion into Europe as well as what it’s like to be a fan in Euroland.

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Posted by: C. Smith
09/26/13 1:11 pm EST

khalifpracshirtYesterday during a lengthy media session, 76ers head coach Brett Brown had some very interesting comments on former Temple star and friend of  this site, Khalif Wyatt.

When asked about Wyatt, a rookie who comes to camp on a partially guaranteed contract, Brown said, “I think he’s tempting.  There’s a tantalizing part of him, you know, ‘Is he Gary Neal?” – a scoring point guard, or [something] very similar.  Khalif passes very well, Khalif has a knack for scoring, Khalif’s got to get in great shape…”

After the jump, more of Brown’s thoughts on Wyatt as well as the recent interview Khalif did for Philadunkia.

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Posted by: Jake Fischer
09/14/13 9:45 am EST

wyattopslday5On Thursday, Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer initially reported that the Philadelphia 76ers and Temple product Khalif Wyatt agreed to a partially guaranteed, multi-year contract.

Wyatt officially signed the papers on Friday evening,  following in the footsteps of Lavoy Allen and becoming the second Temple Owl from the Fran Dunphy era to being his NBA career with the Sixers.

The contract comes after Wyatt, a 6-4 guard who went undrafted in the 2013 Draft, averaged 13.8 points, 3.2 assists and 1.2 rebounds on 45.8 percent shooting in 5 games with the 76ers during the Orlando Pro Summer League in July.

On Friday, Philadunkia scribe Jake Fischer called up a very humbled Wyatt, just hours after his NBA dream became realized.  After the jump is Philadunkia’s exclusive interview with Wyatt, his first since putting pen to paper and officially becoming a member of the Sixers.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
09/12/13 3:37 pm EST

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers-Media DayEvery single player in the NBA will tell you, that it’s a long road full of hard work to get to where they are today.  There are plenty of dreamers in every city in America who hope to one day make it to the League, spending hours and hours each day perfecting their craft in order to move themselves closer to their ultimate goal.  Some have the height, some have the talent, some have the heart and determination, but a very minuscule number actually get the chance to play in the League and an even smaller number actually get their names called on draft night every year.

Lavoy Allen is one of those exceptions.  In 2011, the Sixers selected Allen with the 50th pick in the 2nd round. 11 picks later and he would’ve missed the cut, having to prove everything he could at an NBA team’s invitation to training camp that he’s worth a contract as an Undrafted FA. ESPN, as his former Twitter handle read, even ranked him as the worst player in the NBA before his rookie year began, as “Mr. 500″.

Yet, here Allen is, about to embark on his third season in the League and not letting the odds or critics bring him down.

Allen averaged career highs in points (5.8) and rebounds (5) per game last season for the Sixers while starting in 37 games.

Philadunkia’s Jeff McMenamin got a chance to catch up with Allen on Tuesday night, where he was a panel speaker for the Beyond Sports Summit — an event which raises awareness on the impact that sports has in being a catalyst towards social change throughout the world.

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Posted by: Alex Gorge
08/08/13 9:31 am EST

RoyceWhitevipersFrom a basketball perspective new 76er Royce White, who once was considered a top 5 talent in the 2012 NBA draft, could be a huge addition to the Sixers front court.

As a high school kid, White was named “Mr. Basketball” in the state of Minnesota and he averaged 13 points 9 rebounds and 5 assists per game with Iowa State.  Last season in 16 games with Houston’s D-League affiliate, White had averages of 11 points, 5.5 rebounds and 3 assists per night.

Statistics like these from a power forward who allegedly “can’t shoot” are outrageously impressive.    But imagine if he added a shooting stroke — White’s ceiling would be ridiculous.

Still, if the power forward is ever to get on the court in the NBA and realize his potential, the 76ers need to equip White with every tool possible to help him best deal with the mental health issue that his holding back his NBA development.  White’s condition which is commonly referred to as general anxiety (specifically for White it is the anxiety of flying) and as we all know, it keeps him from traveling to games with the team.  Sam Hinkie & Co. will now go down in the history of the NBA for implementing the first “system”, good or bad, for dealing with general anxiety in a player.  Thus, White’s career, fair or unfair, will affect the career of every future NBA player with a mental health issue.

On a recent pod cast with White talked about everything regarding his mental issue and his plans to get on the court this year for the 76ers.  After the jump we’ve transcribed for you some of his quotes from that interview and provided some reacts to the power forward’s words…

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