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Posted by: Philadunkia
11/06/09 2:41 pm EST

91022348JG014_Sixers_MediaFor the last 9 months or so, has displayed a thirty-second promotional spot in the header at the top of our homepage.   The spot was a comical look at some of the misfortunes experienced by the 76ers organization over the years.

Well, a new NBA season is under way and obviously the 76ers have a lot of new things happening in 2009-10.  So we figured it was time for a new Philadunkia promo spot. 

For now were sticking with the NBA’s popular “Where…happens.” theme.  It works and folks seem to enjoy it.  You should know that for the new spot we remained positive and in a mind frame that despite what we have seen so far this year, 2009-10 will be a reasonably succesful season for the Sixers.

Without further delay, here is the new promo spot



Posted by: Philadunkia
11/04/09 12:24 pm EST

Celtics 76ers BasketballAfter getting embarrassed in the season opener by the Orlando Magic, one of the elite squads in the NBA, we were hoping that last night’s contest against the Boston Celtics, another elite team in the League, would serve as a barometer for how the Sixers had improved since that opening night disaster.  To be honest, we saw flashes of solid basketball over the weekend in wins against lowly Milwaukee and New York, so we expected to see some signs of improvement vs. Boston and possibly a very interesting game.

Boy, were we wrong.  The Sixers gave a half-hearted effort, worse then the one down in Orlando on opening night, and this game went from interesting to unwatchable in a hurry.  We searched for something positive to say about last night’s game, but we came up with nothing.  But there’s a long list of reasons for why the Sixers got their doors blown off by KG & company and we’ll quickly review them for you. 

However there is one issue on the list of the Sixers ills from last night that has become completely unacceptable in Philadunkia nation.  We’re going to take a minute to look at that issue a little deeper because it has plagued the Sixers through the first four games of 2009-10.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
11/02/09 4:33 pm EST

91026175DD001_WIZARDS_SIXERSOver the weekend the 76ers collected wins against the Milwaukee Bucks and the New York Knicks.  The Bucks and Knicks are two teams the Sixers are better then on paper and should beat handily in real life, so it was nice to see the home team handle their business against two inferior Eastern Conference foes.

However, the roller coaster ride that marked the Sixers level of play on the offensive end of the floor in the preseason has now extended through the first three games of the regular season.  When the Sixers are rolling like they were  during the first three quarters vs. the Knicks, they’re going to be tough to beat.  But when they’re flat as they were in the 2nd quarter vs. the Magic, the Sixers are simply ugly offensively and easily defeated. 

Obviously the offensive inconsistencies are of some concern for us here at Philadunkia.  But there were enough positives surrounding the Sixers offense this weekend that we gained some faiththat with or without the Princeton offense, the ability to score buckets will not be what holds the Sixers back this year. 

No, as we sit just three games into the 2009-10 season what’s most concerning in our minds is that the 76ers team defense continues to be borderline non-existent and that is what could keep this team from reaching the post season again this season.


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