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12/15/09 12:56 pm EST

gsw2If the 76ers pound on the lifeless Golden State Warriors and no one is down at the Wachovia Center to witness the game, does the outcome still count as a victory for Philadunkia’s home team?  The answer of course is…ABSO-FREAKIN’-LUTELY.  That’s right people, right now we’ll take ‘em anyway we can get ‘em.  The 12-game loosing streak was snapped last night as the Sixers jumped all over the GSW, led by 32 for a minute or so and then cruised to a 117-101 victory.

Now we know the Sixers beat the GSW last night who are not exactly Kobe and the LA Lakers from a competition standpoint, so we’ll refrain from going over the top in our praise of the Sixers efforts.  In fact GS is arguably the worst team in the League and they were in the fifth game of a 9 day road trip.  However, all of that being said, there were a lot of positives we pulled from the W last night, especially considering the Sixers got no help offensively from Andre Iguodala for three-plus quarters.

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12/14/09 4:34 pm EST


According to Bob Cooney of,  Allen Iverson sat out of practice today with the Sixers.  Also according to Cooney, on Sunday Iverson had 55 CCs of fluid drained from his knee.  The second straight day he has fluid drained from his knee.  The Sixers have stated that Iverson is day-to-day with synovitis of the left knee.

Iverson told Cooney, “I think my knee will be a lot better being as I got it drained.  I think they said 55 CCs.  That’s a lot.  That’s more than I ever had before.  I think it stems from me starting so fast and not having a chance to get a chance to practice and stuff, and not doing any running, just not playing over a month and jumping right into the fire.  Hopefully, that’s what it’s from…”

That’s one explanation.  Here at we believe we have found another…

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GM 23 RECAP: THE 12th L of XMAS

Posted by: Philadunkia
12/12/09 12:34 pm EST

iversonvhouThe 76ers blew at 17 point first quarter lead, wasted a another balanced scoring night (AI9 – 24, Brand – 19, Iverson – 20, Thad – 15) as well as a solid night on the glass (Sixers out rebounded Houston 52-40) and dropped their 12th straight game (3rd straight home loss), 96-91 to the Houston Rockets.

Just a couple quick thoughts on last night’s L as it’s getting too depressing in Philadunkia nation to write much about it anymore :

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12/11/09 5:57 pm EST

NBA_Rookies_Houston_RocketsThis late, late afternoon edition of “Fo’ with the Foes” — Philadunkia’s advanced scouting series which with the help of an accomplished journalist from around the NBA beat or blog world, previews upcoming 76ers opponents — features tonight’s opponent, the injury plagued, but hot (won 4 of last 5) Houston Rockets who are the foes for game three of this five game home stand. 

It’s late on a Friday and we’re so frustrated with the Sixers that we don’t even know what to say about tonight’s game vs. the Rockets.  Look we know that despite all their injuries and drama, that the Rockets are still a good squad.  Trevor Ariza, Carl Landry (one of the least hyped rising players in the League), Shane Battier, Aaron Brooks, Kyle Lowry and Chuck Hayes (balling out his mind right now) can all play the game and play it at a high level.  But if we don’t pound the ball inside, get 25 out of Elton Brand a take home a W tonight against the Yao-less, T-Mac-less Rockets, well the Philadunkia staff may jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge.    

For a little more insight into the Rockets team the Sixers face tonight, we turn to our man Rahat Huq from to answer two questions on the Rockets from us here at Philadunkia as well as provide us with two points of analysis on this HOU squad from an insider’s perspective.

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12/11/09 10:31 am EST

Mexico 76ers Suns BasketballAs we all know the 76ers have lost 11 straight games and their record now stands at 5 wins and 17 loses.  During this streak the L’s have varied in nature from ugly to frustrating to down right gut wrenching. 

The recent stretch non-victories been brutal enough to make us here at Philadunkia reflect on the streak and compile a list “by the numbers’ as they say in Sports Illustrated, of notes, items and events that have happened in and around the League since the Sixers last won a game on November 18th.

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12/10/09 12:04 pm EST

stuckeyWhile the buzz of Allen Iverson’s return to Philadelphia on Monday has definitely worn off, the Sixers and those in the stands last night appeared to be suffering some lingering effects from the three day Iverson-palooza that has been going on here in Philadelphia.  Wednesday night the 76ers came out flat, played inconsistently and dropped their 11th straight game in front of a weak 12,000+ fans who were so quiet you would have thought the Wachovia Center was a funeral home.

We really can NOT begin to express our frustration level with last night’s loss.  During this 11-game losing streak, the Sixers have lost six games by five points or less, so there absolutely have been some Ws that have disappointingly slipped away from the Sixers.  But we don’t remember being more confident that the Sixers would break this awful streak then we were right before last night’s tip off and that’s what rips our guts out about last night’s L. 

The Pistons who were already missing Rip Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince became further depleted when during warm ups, sharp shooter Ben Gordon decided that his ankle was bothering him too much to give it a go.  We liked the Sixers chances when the Pistons were missing just Rip and Prince, but with addition of Gordon to their injured list, our confidence soared and we put a bottle of champagne on ice.  The streak was about to end.

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12/09/09 2:21 pm EST

detroitThis afternoon edition of “Fo’ with the Foes” — Philadunkia’s advanced scouting series which with the help of an accomplished journalist from around the NBA beat or blog world, previews upcoming 76ers opponents — features tonight’s opponent, the new look Detroit Pistons who are the foes for game two of this much needed, four game home stand. 

This one is going to be a very tight game featuring Allen Iverson’s other former team.  Hey, there’s nothing like getting the drama out of the way early.  Detroit much like the Sixers has been injury plagued through out the early part of the 2009-10 season.  Local product Rip Hamilton has played in only one game and Tayshaun Prince has played in just three games.  So the Pistons, just like the Sixers (Speights & Williams) have been missing a couple of big guns for some time now. 

On paper we see this game as a very tough, but manageable W for the Sixers.  Smooth strokin’ Ben Gordon may get 40 and the lightening quick Will Bynum may hit for 30 against the Sixers horrendous defense, but we still like the home team’s chances.  Iguodala’s tremendous play of late will continue tonight, Thad should keep rolling as well and if Eddie Jordan gives Sammy and Brand big minutes on the floor together again, the Sixers should be able to win the battle of the boards.  Those factors should be enough to end the Sixers 10 game losing streak.    

For a little more insight into the Pistons team the Sixers face tonight, we turn to our man Dan Feldman from to answer two questions on the Pistons from us here at Philadunkia, as well as provide us with two points of analysis on this DET squad from an insider’s perspective.

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12/08/09 3:51 pm EST

iversonhomecomingdriveEven though the 76ers screwed up by having Allen Iverson announced fourth during the starting lineup introductions, you can’t tell us that you didn’t cry just a little when Iverson jogged to center court, knelt down and kissed the 76ers logo…

In case you live under a rock and somehow missed it, the video is after the jump for your enjoyment.  Get out the Kleenex.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/08/09 11:29 am EST

iverson_meaningLast night the 76ers wasted several  things down at the Wachovia Center that should have produced a momentum building W for the home team instead of their 10th straight loss. 

First they wasted a gutty effort by Allen Iverson, who after not having touched a basketball in over thirty-days, hauled a ridiculous 37 minutes of playing time last night.  The Sixers wasted a 31 point night by Andre Iguodala who is playing some of his best ball right now.  We wasted a rare off night by Carmelo Anthony, who was 5-21 from the field.  Philadunkia’s team also wasted their first real home court advantage of the season as 20,664 strong were in full throat down at the Wachovia Center.  Finally, the 76ers wasted a nine point 3rd Quarter lead and boy did that disappear in a hurry.

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12/07/09 12:11 pm EST

iversonpresserIIThe 76ers will look to break their 9 game losing streak tonight down at the Wachovia Center against a very, very good Denver Nuggets team (15-5).  Carmelo Anthony has been tremendous this year (30 & 6 per night) and in our opinion is making a serious run at the 2009-10 NBA MVP award.  In addition to being on a 9-game losing rip, the Sixers are also pretty banged up.  Obviously Louis Williams (broken jaw) and Mo Speights (torn MCL) have been out for some time now, but joining them over the weekend on the injury list were Jrue Holiday (rotator cuff) and Andre Iguodala (ankle).  AI9 will play tonight on his gimpy ankle, but Holiday is out again leving us no PG, so we’re not loving the Sixers chances of keeping their losing streak from reaching double digits…

Wait, did we mention that Allen Iverson makes his return debut in Philadelphia tonight?  We should probably discuss that, right?

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