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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/04/09 11:02 am EST

iversonpresserWOW.  That’s our initial reaction to the Allen Iverson press conference here in Philadelphia late yesterday afternoon.  The face-to-face with the media began roughly at 5:00 pm and by 5:06 pm “The Answer” had the tears flowing as he poured his heart and soul out for all of Philadelphia to witness. 

We’re not sure if a press conference can go down as one of the best moments in Philadelphia sports history, but if they are eligible for consideration in those arguments, then yesterday’s Iverson presser belongs in the Top 10. 

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/03/09 11:36 am EST

76ers Thunder BasketballWe’re not sure how many times this season we will talk about how poor fundamentals — in this team’s case defense and rebounding — killed the 76ers chances of getting a W the previous night, but one thing is for sure, we may never be angrier about it then we are this morning.

The Sixers wasted arguably their best offensive night so far in 2009-10 because, outside of AI9 and Jrue Holiday, they play ole’ defense and can not clean the defensive glass.  Consider the following offensive numbers for a minute : 106 points; 14 out of 23 three-pointers made (60% clip); 50% shooting from the field and 94% from the FT line.  That reads like the box score of a team that won an NBA game last night, right?  Guess what?  That’s the Sixers’ stat sheet from their 117-106 loss in OKC on Wednesday night.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/02/09 5:16 pm EST

okcThis late afternoon edition of “Fo’ with the Foes” — Philadunkia’s advanced scouting series which with the help of an accomplished journalist from around the NBA beat or blog world, previews upcoming 76ers opponents — features tonight’s foe, the young, talented and highlight reel producing Oklahoma City Thunder. 

This is going to be a very interesting game featuring two very young, athletic teams that shoot the rock poorly and play two completely different styles of ball.  OKC values defense and has a certified, go-to NBA superstar in Kevin Durant to rely on when they need big buckets.  The Sixers play absolutely no defense and are a “star-less” squad on which you never know who is going to hoist the big shot during a given game.  Even though on paper Philadunkia’s home team appears to be an underdog in this one, we think the Sixers players may have a chip on their shoulder right now over today’s addition of Allen Iverson to the roster and they may be out to prove something.  So we boldly predict a 76ers W tonight.

For a little more insight into the Thunder team the Sixers face tonight, we turn to our man Royce Young from to answer two questions on the Thunder from us here at Philadunkia as well as provide us with two points of analysis on this OKC squad from an insider’s perspective.

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
12/02/09 11:26 am EST

Allen_Iverson_StreetballIt’s official now, Allen Iverson informed the 76ers on Wednesday morning that he will accept their one-year, non-guaranteed offer.  The contract is for a pro-rated veteran’s minimum of $1.3 million.  And you know what, the reunion of the two sides that served each other so well for a decade is more than just a great story; it makes basketball sense and provides fringe benefits for both sides

The Philadelphia 76ers have desperately needed back-court help all season and Lou Williams’ injury was the nail in that coffin.  Former franchise icon, Allen Iverson, desperately needed a home.  It’s a match made in heaven or maybe hell, we’ll see.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/01/09 5:34 pm EST

iversonthoughtWhat if the whole effort by Ed Stefanski, Tony DiLeo and the rest of the 76ers brass to bring Allen Iverson back to Philadelphia is a dog and pony show?  You know a farce, a ruse or even simply a distraction.  After reading more details of the offer the Sixers have supposedly put in front of Iverson, some here at believe that it is a very real possibility.

Think about it for just a second.  Stefanski and the rest of the Sixers front office have been hearing the “Bring Iverson home” buzz since this past summer.  With the team stuck in a 7-game losing streak and riddled with injuries, that buzz has now grown into a full fledged chorus.  Simply put, the heat is on Stefanski to do something to get this turned around.  His comments from earlier this fall that Iverson “was not in the 76ers plans” are now no longer enough to satisfy Sixers fans who see A.I. as a quick fix to the Sixers ills.  Those same fans that long for Iverson are the ones staying away from the Wachovia Center in droves.  Stefanski can’t go anywhere without hearing Iverson’s name.  Head coach Eddie Jordan and current Sixers players are flooded with A.I. questions on a nightly basis.  As long as the possibility of bringing Iverson home exists, Stefanski and Jordan will never be able to turn the attention of this city to the Sixers current “star” Andre Iguodala and their young bucks (Speights, Williams, Young and Holiday) who are the keys to the monumental task of rebuilding the 76ers.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/01/09 12:50 pm EST

iversonI“I can’t help imagining, Vick, McNabb, Rollins and Iverson all playing in the City of Brotherly Love……..Picture That!”

 — An entry from Allen Iverson’s Twitter account on August 14th, 2009 after Mike Vick had signed with the Eagles.

Well, we guess we need to change Iverson’s nickname from “The Answer” to “Nostradamus” as multiple sources have told that a deal to bring 34-year old, former NBA MVP Allen Iverson back to Philadelphia is all but done and just needs approval from Allen Iverson’s camp and especially his wife, Tawanna. 

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Posted by: Philadunkia
12/01/09 12:58 am EST

Here’s a clip of the buzzer beater shot that Dirk Nowitzki hit in October of 2008 to hand the 76ers a brutal loss at the Wachovia Center last season.



Now flash forward a little over a year to tonight; move the location of the contest to Dallas, Texas; put the ball in the hands of Jason “JET” Terry on the low block extended, just inside the 3-point line; and change the Sixers defender to Willie Green.  Guess what?  The Mavs still win 104-102 on a shot by Terry with 1.4 seconds left and it still hurts like crazy. 

Don’t believe us?  Check it out for yourself. 

More on Tuesday.