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Posted by: Philadunkia
03/02/10 2:00 pm EST

There’s really not much to say about the embarrassment the 76ers (22-37) suffered through on the court last night against the Orlando Magic.  Willie Green summed it up best when he said post-game that last night was, “an old fashion butt whoopin.” 

The depleted Sixers looked tired and disinterested vs. the Magic and the result was a debacle of a loss.  Their defense was horrible last night.  In fact it was so bad that somehow defensive standout Jrue Holiday contracted the “ole’ virus” that has plagued the Sixers locker room this season.  The offense went completely off the rails as well, as the Sixers unwisely tried to match Orlando 3-ball for 3-ball.  The coaching, well it was at its usual suspect level.  In short all of the ills that have destroyed this Sixers season had key roles in the blowout loss to the Magic last night.

But what happened on the court Monday evening is not the real story that came out of the Wachovia Center last night.  No the real story is the drama that unfolded when Eddie Jordan decided he was going to throw his players under the proverbial bus and then grab the keys to that bus and run his team over a few times for good measure.  It was a desperate move by a head coach that is desperate to hold onto his job or at least save face.  In the end, we are willing to bet that the only thing Jordan’s tirade did last night was move up the date of his eventual dismissal. 

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Posted by: Philadunkia
03/01/10 11:21 pm EST

No, we’re not talking about the 76ers 2009-10 season, that was over several weeks ago, long before they got embarrassed by the Orlando Magic tonight. 

What we are referring to is that on Tuesday the Sixers will hold a press conference to announce that Allen Iverson’s leave of absence to be with his ill daughter will continue for the remainder of the season and that his second run in a 76ers uniform is now officially over. 

That’s right, Iverson’s return to the Sixers three years after being traded to the Denver Nuggets, one of the few good stories to come out of this otherwise miserable season, will come to an odd and unfortunate end on Tuesday.  Dei Lynam of is also reporting that Tuesday’s press conference will “most likely” signal the end of Iverson’s NBA career.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
03/01/10 1:25 pm EST

Let’s be honest here, outside of the effort Philadunkia’s home team put in against a disinterested Lakers squad this past Friday night, the 76ers were pretty horrific on their latest west coast swing. 

However there was one thing that occurred during this four game stretch that was more disturbing to us then the poor defense shown in the blowout loss to Chicago; or blowing a 23 point lead vs. Golden State; or the ridiculous coaching decision made vs. the Phoenix Suns.  We’ve seen those issues pop up before during the 2009-10 season, so we are equipped to deal with those Sixer ills.  The one item that has us searching for answers over the last four games is the suddenly poor play of Elton Brand.   

There’s no doubt that Elton struggled out of the gates this season.  One could argue that his struggles were directly related to the fact that Eddie Jordan was not playing and we would not call you crazy.  Of course Jordan will counter with the notion that Brand was not getting PT because his legs weren’t under him or that he was still recovering from last season’s injuries.  Where ever the blame lies, let’s just agree that Brand was off his game early on. 

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