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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
05/03/10 10:51 am EST

As the 76ers ponder their weekend interview with head coaching candidate Doug Collins and Larry Brown ponders his potential future in Philadelphia, Sixers fans should take a moment to reflect as well. 

After another disappointing season, it seems only logical to scoop up the highly successful Brown and allow him to put us back onto the postseason path.  After all, Larry Brown has brought eight different teams into the NBA’s second season.  He is the only coach to boast both an NCAA and NBA title, and he led the Sixers to their most recent Finals appearance in 2001.  So considering the Sixers current standing, it would seem silly not to pursue a coach with such credentials. However, the decision is not as clear cut as it seems, and serious consideration is required by the Sixers brass and fans alike before bringing back the well-traveled teacher. 

Larry Brown is an excellent coach.  That is not up for debate.  He is even considered by some, such as franchise icon Allen Iverson, as “the best coach in the world;” a strong compliment coming from someone notorious for clashing with the coach in the past.  So, the questions surrounding the Sixers in this decision do not have to do with Larry’s credentials or coaching ability, but rather his commitment and whether he is the right fit for this young struggling squad.    

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