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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/30/10 2:23 pm EST

As well all know Andre Iguodala survived the last round of cuts for Team USA.  However, Coach K still has three players to let go.’s Chris Mannix predicts that AI9 will NOT be one of the last players cut and he will make the 2010 version of Team USA, saying, ” The Sixers’ swingman was one of the standouts at camp last week, drawing praise from Coach K and Colangelo for his energy and defense. Iguodala can probably play three positions — shooting guard, small forward and power forward — in Turkey, a valuable asset on a team placing a premium on versatility.”

Good news, does NOT have the 76ers ranked as one of the 5 worst teams in the NBA.

They have added a new coach, a host of new additions to the roster and Evan Turner, the No. 2 overall pick in the NBA Draft, but what NBA team would be complete without the dance team.  So, the Sixers recently announced their dance team for 2010-11.  You can check out the final auditions video here.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
07/27/10 7:59 am EST

The following post was inspired by fellow True Hoop Network scribe Ryan Schwan at who recently emailed the entire True Hoop Network asking for each blog to submit its home team’s best offer for Chris Paul.  Ryan will the gather the offers, rank them, and virtually trade Paul just for kicks.  

So of course we here at went to work right away on getting Paul into a 76ers uniform. 

Do you think Allen Iverson will be pissed if we let Chris Paul wear the number 3?

After the jump, Philadunkia’s trade offer for Chris Paul…

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
07/23/10 2:50 pm EST

On Wednesday TNT analyst David Aldridge reported that the Los Angeles Clippers, who are on the market for a veteran small forward, have set their sights on the Sixers own Andre Iguodala.  According to Aldridge’s report there is no indication on whether or not the Clippers will seriously pursue Iguodala, but there is at least an interest in the five year veteran out of Arizona.

Even though there is just the slimmest chance of a deal getting done at this time between the two parties, it is an interesting topic to think about.  Iguodala is guaranteed over 40 million dollars in the next three seasons and if this trade were to be completed, the Clippers would have to give away a pricey contract of their own.  The contract that works from a salary cap standpoint when compared to Iguodala’s, while also giving the Sixers an immediate missing piece to their puzzle, is the contract belonging to Chris Kaman.  Kaman is due 23 million dollars over the next two seasons and would serve as the starting center for the Sixers, which they desperately need at this time.  Please don’t throw Spencer Hawes at me either.  Hawes is a solid, developing prospect but plays nowhere near to the skill level of Chris Kaman.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
07/22/10 11:02 am EST

On September 25th , 2000 Paul Pierce was stabbed eleven times in the face, back, and neck while attempting to break up a fight inside a Boston dance club.  That evening he underwent emergency lung surgery.  Things obviously looked bleak for Pierce.  Here he was, a young athlete, in the prime of career, cut down by a senseless act of violence that imperiled not just the only dream he’d ever had, but his life.  Everything hung in the balance. 

Pierce persevered though; made a recovery so complete, so miraculous, that he went on to start all 82 games for the Celtics the following season. This happened because he worked hard and never stopped believing in himself.  It also happened because Tony Battie, his friend and teammate, got him to the hospital so quickly that night.

Battie also was the No. 5 pick in the 1997 NBA Draft.

These are two very impressive facts about Tony Battie.  Especially the first one.  I wasn’t able to find a third though, because one doesn’t exist.

Fortunately (because I have a column to fill) there are plenty of unimpressive facts about Tony Battie that we can catalogue.  Here they are…

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Posted by: Lance Epstein
07/20/10 10:18 am EST

While the 76ers finally struck gold with their talented and young (19 years old) starting point guard Jrue Holiday, the Sixers also currently have questions as to who will be backing up the club’s floor general and poster boy for a brighter future.  In my opinion, the Sixers still need to find someone that can give Holiday a breather once and awhile or (knock on wood here) fill in for Holiday should he miss a few games because of injury. 

The likely candidate for head coach Doug Collins is combo guard Louis Williams.  Williams is entering his fifth-season in the NBA (all with Philadunkia’s home team), but as we learned last year, his game is better suited to be a scorer than a facilitator of an entire offense.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
07/16/10 10:45 am EST

Yesterday, 76ers General Manager Ed Stefanski called into the Tony Bruno & Harry Mayes Show on 97.5 “The Fanatic”.   It’s the first time Ed has addressed the state of the franchise as a whole in a very long time and he had some interesting things to say, so we though we would provide you with a little recap.

To be honest Bruno & Mayes dropped the ball big time in this interview.  It’s obvious that neither of “The Fanatic” hosts have a deep knowledge of the current state of the 76ers as they didn’t know that the Stefanski has the $5 million mid level exception available to him so he has the ability to add a free agent to the roster for 2010-11.  Additionally, Bruno & Mayes asked to many “national” questions including several on the Lebron James to Miami drama and did not keep the interview focused on the 2010-11 Sixers, a topic on which we could have interviewed Ed on for hours.    

After the jump is a breakdown of Ed’s answers to Bruno & Mayes questions.   

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Posted by: Lance Epstein
07/15/10 8:17 am EST

He’s certainly not a mega-star like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade or even Kevin Durant and you could make a strong argument that he has failed to take that next step to all-star status, but heading into the future I believe Andre Iguodala is a key component for the Philadelphia 76ers and thus Ed Stefanski should not trade the Sixers wingman.

After giving him a contract extension at a total of $80 million over six years, the Sixers organization expected Iguodala to elevate his level of play and develop into elite player in the League.  To be honest it has not happened.

Of course Iguodala has not had much help either.  For starters, AI9 has played under four head coaches in the last six years – not exactly the stability a young player needs to grow and develop.  But hopefully Doug Collins brings an end to that stretch.

Additionally, the franchise has never been able to find him a right hand man.  The front office’s latest attempt was Elton Brand, who was thought to be the complimentary star to Iguodala’s inevitable superstar.  Upon his signing, the Sixers envisioned Brand as an interior scorer that would change opposing defensive schemes and thus free up Iguodala.  Unfortunately at this time, Brand is not the same player who commanded nightly double-teams before rupturing his Achilles tendon and has turned out to be one of the worst free agent signings in modern NBA history.

Still the coaching carousel and the Brand debacle only make up half of Iguodala’s lack of growth.  He has failed to significantly improve many parts of his game since his contract extension.  In fact, many feel as though he has regressed over the last two seasons.  

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
07/13/10 10:23 am EST

Eight years ago, the Orlando Pro Summer League was created as a chance for rookie draft picks to get acclimated to their new NBA setting.  Over time the summer league evolved into redemption ground for once successful college players who had become overseas journeymen.  Today I would argue that summer league is suited best for second year NBA players looking to improve their game.  These participants were normally reserves in their rookie season in the League and spent most of last year trying to adjust to the pro level.  Therefore, at an event like the Orlando Pro Summer League, second year NBA players are ready to dominate as their year of seasoning gives them an advantage over most international players and certainly over the NBA rookies who are just tipping off their adjustment period.  

After a week of watching the action in Orlando, I have composed a power rankings list of the best five players from the OPSL and as you will see, my list is heavy on second year NBA guys.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
07/12/10 7:54 am EST

After a week of summer league basketball in Orlando, the Philadelphia 76ers have a better understanding of where they stand – sort of.  

The 76ers saw some progression in it’s current roster players and got some live action practicing head coach Doug Collins philosophies.  But the Sixers top pick Evan Turner was average — that’s being extremely nice — and no one on Philadelphia’s bench really proved worthy of a training camp invite.  As a result, the Sixers finished 2-3 during the week. 

If Sixers fans didn’t realize the potential of Jrue Holiday, they do now.  Philadelphia’s 20-year-old point guard proved to Coach Doug Collins that he can be “the quarterback of the offense.”  Holiday played in just three games during the week but averaged 19.3 ppg, 6 assists per game and only 2 turnovers per contest.  Holiday started to turn the corner in the second half last season and it’s always encouraging when a second year player is able to have his way against summer league competition.  Holiday won’t be asked to score as much in the regular season but it was good to see him shoot 47.4% on 38 shots. Jrue routinely was able to get to the basket and will be starting for the Sixers from day one in 2010-11.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
07/10/10 11:23 am EST

It’s hard to judge a basketball team playing a 10 AM game with just 8 active guys on the roster, but the 76ers looked rather sloppy in their 29 point defeat (88-59) Friday morning which was the Sixers final game of the 2010 OPSL.  It was the squad’s third straight loss. 

For the first time all week though, Evan Turner was the Sixers leading scorer with 13 points and 6 rebounds.  Turner was 4-of-10 from the field and was often handling the ball as a point guard in the second half.  Turner admittedly had a frustrating week, and he wore those emotions on his sleeve.

“This was the best eight days of Evan’s life because he understands the level now that you have to be at competitively and in shape to play this game.  He’ll go from here until the end of September to do what’s necessary.” said Collins.

Collins all week analyzed why some lottery picks—like Derrick Rose a few years back—struggle in the summer league.  Collins said that agents go out of their way to make sure players don’t get hurt, mainly by limiting their client from playing five-on-five.  “He’s 90 days behind in his conditioning, he’ll catch up and he’ll be fine.”

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