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Posted by: Lance Epstein
09/30/10 11:05 am EST

Since that gut wrenching day in 2006 when the Philadelphia 76ers decided to pull the trigger on a deal that sent perennial All-Star guard and Philadelphia icon Allen Iverson to the Denver Nuggets, this franchise has been searching for his replacement.

Originally, the Sixers planned that high rising, athletic swingman Andre Iguodala would become the face of the franchise and carry the torch.  Unfortunately, that plan has faltered for multiple reasons, and ultimately 76ers fans grew frustrated with first round playoff exits and uninspiring basketball and in turn stopped showing up at the Wells Fargo Center.  Then after the debacle that was the 2009-10 season, the 76ers fell into a sports blackhole  in this town and became irrelevant. 

Now, the forgotten franchise in the City of Brotherly Love has a an opportunity to resurrect its dying image and bring enthusiasm back to its fan base by trading for Carmelo Anthony.  Acquring Carmelo Anthony is a franchise saving opportunity and Philadunkia’s home team must do everything in their power to seal the deal and if that means that second overall pick Evan Turner must be sent to Denver along with Andre Iguodala, then so be it.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/29/10 9:45 am EST

Ok, so there are some rumor winds swirling  from that the Sixers have made an offer for malcontent Nuggets forward Carmelo Anthony, and that the Nuggets kinda, sorta, maybe like the deal.  The question of the hour is, do they like it, or do they like it, like it.

Let’s say they like it, like it.  I’m going to peer into my crystal ball and tell you how this one plays out (BTW, my crystal ball is a replica of Ed Stefanski’s head).  The trade would be incredibly popular initially with both fans and the less-savvy members of the media (but I repeat myself, zing!), and everybody would sing the praises of Rod Thorn and draw parallels between his acquisition of Jason Kidd ten years ago and the Nets consequent rise to the top of the East and his now acquisition of a twenty-six year old Olympian, near scoring champion and, in the circumspect and well-considered words of Chauncy Billups, “one of the top two or three players in the world.”  Hot damn, this Thorn is a wheelin’, dealin’, riverboat gambler!  He turned Igoudala into Carmelo.  How’s that for alchemy? — the columns would read. 

Expectations would be high.  Through the roof.  They would literally explode through the roof.  After enough roofs were destroyed, people would learn not to keep these expectations indoors.  They’d be left outside to soar, to be free.  And why not?  Carmelo Anthony is the single best player in basketball not named Kobe, Lebron or Durant!  We know that because he scores the most. You can’t win without scoring points, anybody knows that.  And the guy he’s replacing?  Iguodala?  More like “ugly(jumper)odala!”  That guy sucks.  Look at his scoring for crying out loud.  Carmelo scores waaaaaaay more than him.  Carmelo, points, Carmelo, twenty-eight a game, Carmelo, scorer, Carmellllllllloooooo!  That’s how the conventional wisdom would go.   And who could argue with it.  Carmelo does score a lot of points.   And everybody knows the best player is the guy who scores the most.  Period.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
09/28/10 10:37 am EST

76ers legend Julius Erving stars in a series of new Converse commercials known as “The Procession”.  Dr. J appears with Carlos Arroyo, Kenny Anderson, God Shammgod, Jim Jones, Doug E. Fresh and playground hoops star “A-Butta”.  Catch the spot below.’s John Hollinger has posted his 2010-11 NBA team forecasts.  With regards to our 76ers, Hollinger predicts 43 wins and a playoff appearance.  No lie…check it out for yourself.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/27/10 10:00 am EST

I first became acquainted with Dave Berri in a back-issue of the New Yorker at a dentist’s office.  I was flipping though pages, pretending to read so I could avoid eye-contact with strangers when I found myself looking at a large photo of Allen Iverson.  My brain stirred.  I deduced from the photo, and the words “book review,” that the article it accompanied was a review of a book that apparently had something to do with Allen Iverson.

So I read.  Berri and a few cohorts, the article told me, had developed an algorithm that explained, using only box-score statistics, how many actual wins an NBAer produced for his team.  The piece fixated on one of the models more controversial claims: That Allen Iverson – League MVP, eleven time All-Star, four time scoring champ, first overall draft pick, and protagonist of 90 percent of my 10th grade biology notebook doodles – just wasn’t very good.  I was outraged.  The audacity, I thought.  Who the hell does this guy think he is?

A trip to Barnes and Noble and 195 pages later I found out – a guy much smarter about sports than me or any of the guys with their hand on the lever of my teams. I wasn’t alone on that thought. Wages was sufficiently successful to warrant a paperback addition and a sequel of sorts: Stumbling on Wins, which was released earlier this year.

Dave, who maintains a blog that’s essential reading and writes about sports for the Huffington Post when he’s not teaching econ at Southern Utah University, agreed to share with us some of his thoughts on the Sixers, the NBA, the state of sports economics, and why he’s happier in academia than in an NBA front office.  After the jump is part one of multiple part series featuring Berri’s thoughts of the 76ers.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
09/23/10 12:55 pm EST

Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported it first and the 76ers have since confirmed that New Orleans has traded 6-9 veteran forward Darius Songaila and 6-10 rookie Craig Brackins to the 76ers for Willie Green and Jason Smith

Chris Paul must be jumping for joy over this blockbuster. 

From the 76ers side, we give a tip of the hat to Rod Thorn for unloading dead weight from the Sixers bench.  Somewhere former 76ers head coach Eddie Jordan just shed a tear for his man Willie. 

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/21/10 10:39 am EST

Late last week, launched a project that with the help of online fan voting attempted to determine the five ultimate players (by position) in every NBA franchise’s history.  It’s a great and fun post and if you haven’t voted yet, we highly suggest you take five minutes of your time to do so.

You can view the up-to-date results of the voting for the 76ers all-time team by clicking here.

In our opinion the voting for the Sixers all-time starting five has been very predictable and while there’s nothing “wrong” with the all-time lineup the fans have assembled for the 76ers franchise, Philadunkia’s Tom Sunnegren believes that by bending a few of the voting rules he was able to put together a squad that would trump the team the voters have put out on the floor.  One thing is for sure, these greats have been the driving force behind 76ers Tickets sales throughout the decades.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/17/10 1:01 pm EST

Why hire a guy to run your franchise who just finished a roller coaster career up the Turnpike in New Jersy?  I was a little confounded at first by the Thorn hiring, but after spending 28 minutes on a conference call with him and a handful of other bloggers, the logic is screamingly obvious.  He’s really charming.

On Thursday, Philadunkia, DepressedFan, LibertyBallers, The 700 Level, ReclinerGM, and Sixers4Guidos took part in a conference call with Rod Thorn.  Thorn was generous with his time and his knowledge and everybody walked away a little smarter than when they dialed in.

Annotated Q’s and A’s after the J.

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Posted by: C. Smith
09/15/10 11:45 am EST

As you may or may have read on Twitter, 76ers first round Draft pick Evan Turner has been on a tour of China promoting his new shoe from the Chinese basketball sneaker company Li-Ning.  Back on August 23rd Turner signed a shoe endorsement deal with Li-Ning, a company well known for its table tennis and badmiton apparel that has recently become a factor in the basketball sneaker wars.   The upstart Chinese shoe brand also boasts Shaq, Baron Davis and Damon Jones as endorsers of its basketball kicks.   

Nabbing Turner away from Nike and adidas was a major coup for Li-Ning and when the #2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft signed on, Li-Ning Brand Initiative Director for Basketball, Brian Cupps had this to say, “This is truly a game-changing moment for the Li-Ning brand.  Adding a supreme young talent like Evan Turner sends a message to the global basketball community that Li-Ning basketball is committed to being a player on the global stage.”

Li-Ning must have truly been excited to land Turner because they wasted no time in producing a line of shoes for the 76ers new shooting guard.  On his recent tour of China Turner debuted his first shoe model which is named the “Conquer.” 

Today we present a look at Turner’s first Li-Ning player exclusive shoe.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
09/14/10 9:01 am EST

One of the things that “they” (They  being pundits, prognosticators, analysts, talking heads, Monday morning quarterbacks, arm chair quarterbacks, quarterback quarterbacks, wise old men, unwise but confident old men, and evidently me)  say is that NBA players make their big jump between years one and two.  It’s when the leap happens, if it happens at all.  This makes sense.  Rookie year is a time of great flux in the lives of these guys.  They have a new system to learn, a new set of responsibilities to live up to, a new city to settle in, and a new lifestyle to accustom themselves to.  They have to figure out where to stash their new wealth (new, that is, unless they played for John Calipari in college), or in lieu of that, pick a trustworthy person to stash it for them.  They need to gently deflect the cash grabs of friends and family, avoid the temptations of the road, and purchase large vehicles outfitted with unnecessarily loud speakers.

These are a lot of moving parts, and they tend to distract and detract from performance.  But eventually this overwhelmed state passes.  The quiet/steady pressure of time works its magic: The new becomes old, rookie becomes vet, things slow down a bit, guys find their rhythm, and, as the kids say “it’s all good” (Kids don’t actually say this.)  And eventually usually comes in about a year.  Which means it comes for Jrue Holiday October 27th at the Wells Fargo Center against the Miami Heat.  

At least that’s the plan.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
09/09/10 8:43 am EST

Sean Deveney of talked to a host of NBA scouts about which players are about to have major break outs this season.  At the top of the opinion poll is the Sixers Jrue Holiday.

The GSW inked former Sixer high-riser Rodney Carney to a new contract.

Over at John Galinsky ranks Evan Turner as one the Top 5 challengers to the expected crowning of John Wall as the 2010-11 ROY.

Jordan Sams at ponders who will start at center for the 76ers this season.  We agree with his decision on who “will” start, but do not agree with his opinion on who “should” start.

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