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Posted by: Philadunkia
05/06/11 10:30 am EST

John Smallwood of the Daily News analyzes the results of a 76ers poll the paper ran.  Shockingly (sarcasm here) this town is not a fan of Andre Iguodala.

Dei Lynam at writes about the upcoming roster decisions the Sixers have to make.

A great post by Brian at on Dre skipping his exit interview with Collins, Thorn and Stefanski.

A look at the 2011 NBA Draft projections for the Sixers.  Yahoo Sports correctly claims that this is one of the weakest drafts in recent memory.

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
05/05/11 9:59 am EST

Once the season ended, the Sixers did NOT give us the same opportunity to conduct exit interviews with their players and coaches that they gave to the “main stream media”. 

So like a Navy Seal team in Pakistan, the Philadunkia crew has been stealthing around the City of Brotherly Love locating interview targets and executing the necessary editorial directives.  

Yesterday, while the world continued to celebrate the death of bin Laden and right before the Flyers fell into a 3-0 hole in Boston, Philadunkia scribe Tom Sunnergren located head coach Doug Collins in the intensive care ward of Temple University Hospital.  Collins has been hospitalized for extreme exhaustion since the end of Game 5, but he mustered up enough strength to give Sunnergren a few minutes.

His wife sat by his bedside as Collins and Sunnergren talked.

After the jump, is the full transcript of Tom’s interview with Collins.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
05/04/11 10:09 am EST

In review of the remarkably entertaining 2010-11 season, I’ve picked out my ten favorite moments of the year. 

Some were great individual performances.  Some included a stretch of good fortune.  The remaining moments were big-time victories that brought an excitement level to Philadunkia nation which we had not felt in years. 

I listed my tem favorite moments from this past season in chronological order, and as you can imagine, none of those first 16 games (a.k.a. the dreadful 3-13 start) are mentioned in this piece.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
05/02/11 10:57 am EST

The 2010-2011 Philadelphia 76ers produced a gratifying first season under Doug Collins.  The team finished first in protecting the basketball, was 6th in assists with a 20-year-old starting point guard, effectively defended the perimeter and covered up its glaring weaknesses (lack of a big man, lack of a closer, young roster etc.) as well as any squad in the NBA.

A 26-15 home record and a 16-14 record against the superior Western Conference were pleasant surprises.  How about even having double digit leads in four out of the five postseason games against the Heat.  The bench play behind Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams ignited a majority of the Sixers41 wins.  But the change in defensiveintensity is what pushed Philadelphia from lottery front runners to one of the most underrated teams in basketball.   The Sixers were 36-15 when they allowed under 100 points.

However, heartwarming it was to obtain the 7th seed in the Eastern Conference, the Sixers lost a bunch of close games.  And by a bunch I mean 15 LOSSES by five points or less, compared to just seven wins.  And this team was 2-8 in overtime.  That record doesn’t entirely reflect the roster.  Doug Collins has to do some soul searching this offseason and figure out a way the 76ers can close out games against superstars.

There’s five games I’ve selected that should’ve gone the other way, that should’ve pushed the Sixers above the Atlanta Hawks for the 5thseed.  Remember, there was a point when the surging Sixers were just 2 games behind the Hawks and grabbing the 5th seed looked like a realistic goal. 

Let’s go back and time and lokk at a few of the blemishes on the Sixers outstanding 2010-11 season.

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