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Posted by: Kevin Jones
06/30/11 10:52 am EST

To start off this column I want to congratulate longtime Philadelphia Flyer defensemen Mark Howe on the announcement of his upcoming induction into the NHL Hall of Fame.  He is one of the greatest skaters to suit up in a black and orange sweater and his selection for the Hall was long overdue.

The great news on Mark Howe got us thinking here a Philadunkia about which former 76er is headed to the Naismith Hall of Fame next.  So I want to lay out some evidence as to when the basketball junkies here at Philadunkia will be able to rejoice with the Flyers fans, as one of our own 76ers is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.  Honestly, there are only two retired candidates worthy of  even being discussed:  Mo Cheeks and Allen Iverson.

I’m going to take a harder look at each of our former superstars’ resumes while they ball’d in Philadelphia and then hypothesize a realistic year the Hall of Fame voters would consider electing them to the ultimate enshrinement.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/28/11 9:44 am EST

David Aldridge at gives the Sixers 2011 Draft rave reviews.

According to this report, the LAL were in hot pursuit of Iguodala but the Sixers pulled the plug over concerns about Odom’s “mental state” if he had to move from Hollywood.

Michael Levin at has a few final thoughts on the Sixers 2011 Draft.  Among them is the idea that…”Most importantly though, for the 4th straight year, the Sixers did nothing on draft day but make the one or two picks they were slated to make. No moves, no tweaks, no sign of activity to make me think they did anything during the draft except hope the one guy they wanted didn’t fall during their Solitaire tournament in the War Room.” posts a list of the Top 50 available free agents.  The good news — none of the Sixers are on the list.  The bad news — unless the Sixers make a trade, they likely don’t have the cap space to sign any of these guys.

Zach Lowe at “The Point Forward” blog writes that the Sixers selecting “Big Nik” has put Spencer Hawes’ job in jeopardy.  Our favorite line from Lowe…”The Sixers played better on both ends last season with Hawes on the bench…”

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
06/27/11 12:59 pm EST

Iguodala is going to remain a 76er for the time being, even after several trade offers were dangled in front of the organization for a number of weeks.

Have you ever been caught talking crap about one of your best friends?  I mean everyone has to vent from time-to-time about the annoying characteristics friends sometimes smother you with on a consistent basis.  Sometimes you accidentally chose to vent to the wrong friend (the girly one) and he happens to rumor it around with all of your close buddies.

Well the Sixers didn’t just tell a few close friends about their unhappiness with Andre Iguodala.  They called the whole NBA to the gymnasium for an assembly to announce that they had to get rid of their best player.  At nearly any cost.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/24/11 3:15 pm EST

This one comes to us via / philly

While his defense and court vision probably aren’t getting any better, it seems that Louis Williams’ hip-hop music career has jumped up a notch.   

More after the jump…

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
06/24/11 10:48 am EST

Our editor and chief Carey Smith was correct during the 2011 True Hoop mock draft, when he selected Nikola Vucevic, the 7-footer out of USC.  Rod Thorn and the 76ers grabbed the big man from Montenegro with 16th pick in last night’s Draft and potentially filled the enormous hole in the middle for the 7-6.

While I trotted alongside Vucevic (Voo-CHAY-vitch) as he made his way to the media room at the Prudential Center, it actually wasn’t his height that I first noticed but rather his weight.  At 260 pounds, the big man is literally just that; someone who potentially could be a brute force down low for the 76ers.  A source within USC told me he put on at least 50 lbs. since enrolling at the university.

Many scouting analysts were stunned when Vucevic entered the draft this year as a junior.  He had just come off of back-to-back Pac-10 rebounding titles – a feat no other player in the history of conference had ever achieved.  It seemed as if he was just harnessing his talents.  Experts had pegged the Trojan as an early second round pick at best.  But Vucevic impressed several teams because as Ed Stefanski put it “he’s a stone-cold center.”  His workouts catapulted him all the way into Lottery territory of some mock drafts.

“I think I learned how to play tough and aggressive in college,” said Vucevic in his post-draft press conference. “Coming to America helped me a lot.  I think I will be able to play the position in the NBA.”

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Posted by: Philadunkia
06/23/11 4:04 pm EST

The 2011 NBA Draft is just hours away and if you have been following all of the mock drafts, online expert predictions and television analysis, it seems there is no consensus as to what the Sixers will do with the No. 16 pick in tonight’s Draft.

However no one knows the Sixers better then the scribes here at  So with that in mind, everyone here at Philadunkia submitted an opinion on which prospect the 76ers will draft at No. 6 tonight as well as why Rod Thorn and company will go in that direction.

Check out our thoughts after the jump.

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Posted by: Kevin Jones
06/23/11 9:40 am EST

The Westin Hotel in Times Square was the center of the NBA world Wednesday afternoon.  The top 12 draftees were each continuously grilled by give-or-take 100 members of the media, including yours truly.  Each prospect was seated at a circular table in the fifth floor conference center of the hotel.  It is almost guaranteed that all of these players won’t fall to the 76ers at 16. Guess what though?  Andre Iguodala is the most available player on the market, and some team is going to bite for his defense after seeing what Shawn Marion was able to do to LeBron.

That means the Sixers could end up with one of these guys. 

After the jump are my personality assessment and some of the quotes I gathered during my first NBA Draft media day.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/22/11 12:19 pm EST’s Dei Lynam got some time with Rod Thorn.  Thorn basically does a nice job of dodging all her questions, but he does mention that he hasn’t spoken to AI9 in three weeks.

Jrue Holiday who has been traveling in Europe and China tells, “We need a big man…” Insider Chad Ford predicts the Sixers will go with potential scoring machine Jordan Hamilton (6-9, 230, SF, Texas).  Which probably means that AI9 will get traded Thursday night or that Ford thinks he will be traded this summer. 

The boys at forecast Thorn will nab Nikola Vucevic (6-11, 260, C, USC) at #16.  They also predict the Sixers will draft David Lighty (SF / SG) from Ohio State at #60. 

Over at, they are saying that somehow Bismack Biyombo (6-9, 243, C, Congo) will fall into the 7-6’s lap.  That would be a dream come true as Biyombo has a  7’7 wingspan and is athletic as hell.  Yeah we know he has no offensive skills, but he would still be a very nice addition to our interior defense.

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/21/11 1:00 pm EST

The Philadelphia 76ers select…Nikola Vucevic from the University of Southern California…

In the 2011 True Hoop Network Mock Draft, Rod Thorn and the Sixers get their much needed big man…

The New York Knicks are on the clock…


Posted by: Kevin Jones
06/21/11 8:36 am EST

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Mid-level teams like the 76ers can climb up the NBA food chain by making the correct pick — or trade in our case — during the NBA Draft.  And the importance of the annual June crap-shoot has skyrocketed this year.  The impending lockout on July 1st will freeze all transactions until the CBA issue is resolved, which is looking rather bleak.

The last time the Sixers held the 16th pick, Mo Speights was the pick … and well … let’s just say the jury is out on him.  I did a little research and check out the list of number 16 picks since 2001. 

Get close to a trash can if you have a gag reflex.

2010: Luke Babbit

2009: James Johnson

2008: Marreese Speights

2007: Nick Young

2006: Rodney Carney

2005: Joey Graham

2004: Kirk Snyder

2003: Troy Bell

2002: Jiri Welsch

2001: Kirk Haston

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