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Posted by: C. Smith
11/30/11 11:27 am EST

Now that the lockout is unofficially over, Chris Mannix lists the Top 20 available free agents — Thad Young (Who Philadunkia recently interviewed.) comes in at #5.’s Chad Ford has @yungsmoove21 ranked at #9.

All signs point to the idea that the 7-6 will have training camp on Hawk Hill.

Dei Lynam at reviews the many questions that face the Sixers and their roster.

A quick “76ers” search on brings up this little piece of memorabilia from the ’82-83 season

Sources tell’s Insiders that the Nets are “prepping” a trade for Dwight Howard.  If the deal goes through, it sure would put a dent in my long range plans for the Sixers.

From Ian Levy at, here’s an interesting look — by the numbers — at just how good of a job Doug Collins did last year.
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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
11/11/11 11:19 am EST

Thaddeus Young, even among those in his deeply unsettled profession, holds a uniquely unsettled position.

Not only does he, like the rest of his League’s players, not know the particulars of the new CBA he’ll be playing under when/if this season starts, he also, as a free agent, doesn’t know what team he’ll be suiting up for.  And even if he — as is widely expected — returns to the 76ers, he’s completely in the dark about his new boss (now-Sixers majority owner Josh Harris) because the terms of the lockout bar them from so much as exchanging emails.

So you could say Thad has a lot on his mind.

But despite this uncertainty, Thursday afternoon from his hometown of Memphis, Thad made some time for us — opening up about the long offseason, his training regiment and getting recognized in airports.

Q and A, as always, after the J.

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Posted by: Tim Parker
11/07/11 1:46 pm EST

Considering that last Wednesday night’s lead story on SportsCenter was the Temple – Ohio football game, it’s become more than obvious that the NBA lockout has left a void for not only players, owners, and the game’s legion of fans, but that it has also drastically altered the plans of the sports media world including the “World Wide Leader In Sports.”

While NBA enthusiasts are twiddling their thumbs, and star players are living out their football fantasies due to pure unadulterated boredom, there is one man who stands to benefit from the lockout.

“Who is this man?”, you ask.   The answer is quite simply…

“The Answer.”

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