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Posted by: C. Smith
06/15/12 10:04 am EST

Yesterday we looked at a list of NBA power forwards from which Doug Collins could chose to add a player to the 76ers roster this summer via the free agent signing route.  Today here at Philadunkia we will examine the crop of college prospects who appear to have the game and mental makeup to step into the Sixers power forward spot and really contribute in 2012-13

Obviously the three elite power forward prospects in this Draft — Anthony Davis (Kentucky), Thomas Robinson (Kansas) and John Henson (UNC) — will not be around when the 7-6 select at #15 in June.  However, if the Sixers decide to go with a power forward at #15, there will be four very talented college players still on the board when the Sixers turn comes up.  In theory, any one of these kids could help fill the second biggest hole on the Sixers roster.

Obviously the key for Collins (should the Sixers choose to go the PF route) is to sort through all that information as well as the game tapes and grab the best mid-first round power forward available.

After the jump you’ll see that choosing between the prospects will not be easy.

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/14/12 9:11 am EST

While watching NBA TV’s “The Dream Team” last night, it dawned on me that the “Round Mound of Rebound” last played for the Sixers 20-years ago.  Since then, Philly has somewhat struggled filling those size 16 shoes Charles Barkley left behind, completing only eight seasons with a record of .500 or better. 

In the words of Chuck, “THAT’S TURRIBLE!”

What makes it worse is that during that time frame, names like Manute Bol, ShawnBradley, Derrick Coleman, Theo Ratliff, Tim Thomas, Tyrone Hill, Toni Kukoc’s corpse, Todd MacCulloch, Dikembe Mutombo, Derrick “Heavy D” McKey, Keith “High Socks are Cool too” Van Horn, Glenn Robinson’s corpse,  Samuel Dalembert, and Joe Smith have graced the various 76ers rosters at the forward/center positions.

Some provided a consistent security that was enough to get the Sixers to the playoffs and even an NBA Finals birth, but most were nothing but stop gaps simply added to provide depth and hopeful lightning in a bottle. 

The lack of signing/drafting/trading for a truly prosperous big man ultimately killed the Iverson Era and set the franchise back quite some time.  Now, with the taste of this year’s NBA Eastern Conference Semifinals loss fresh in the mouths of the Sixers “Brain Trust”, the need for a dominate forward/center that fits the style of basketball the Sixers want to play is essential.

We wrote last week about the shooting guard options on the free agent market.  Today we will look at some of the free agnet options that can come in immediately and make an impact at the four and five spots. 

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/12/12 2:52 pm EST

There seems to be a little shake up in the works for the 76ers organization and it’s not coming in the form of trades, free agents or draft picks.  News broke today that the Philadelphia front office is interviewing eventual and potential replacements for the 71-year old Sixers President, Rod Thorn, who will be entering the final year of his 3-year contract at the end of the 2012-2013 season.

Based on the article Bob Cooney wrote today, the Sixers interview party will consist of owner Josh Harris, CEO Adam Aron, Doug Collins and Thorn himself. 

Yes, Thorn will be selecting his soon to be replacement as he did with the New Jersey Nets in 2010 because of a provision in the contract former chairmen Ed Snider gave him in the same year.  No matter the outcome, Thorn will have a part-time consultant job with the Sixers for 5-years after his presidential contract expires.  Presumably, he will be offering an “All-State” helping hand to whichever prospect the “brain trust” brings in.

The article also stated that a “source” said that the process could take up to a year, but if the right candidate came along within the next few months, Thorn would then assume his part time role “immediately”.

So what names are being highlighted in bright neon yellow marker?

Let’s take a look at the list “sources close to the situation” are throwing out there:

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/11/12 9:21 am EST

Elton Brand. 

That name can do a lot of thing for different people.  It can make you cringe because of the contract, make you weep at his age, make you smile because of his veteran leadership, or make you shrug your shoulders with indifference.  That in itself is a grade for the veteran forward; at this point in his career he’s simply, well, mediocre at best.  But because this is a “report card” post and is supposed to be a spot to dissect the imperfections of a team that was more hot and cold than a Katy Perry song, allow me to embellish.

As of this minute, Brand is sitting at the tender age of 33 and has been playing in the League since he was 20 years old.  In that time he’s played in 860 regular season games and 30 post season games. That’s good for 33,374 career minutes.  During that time, EB has ruptured an Achilles and had shoulder surgery among other bumps and bruises.  He is an undersized, Charles Barkley-esque power forward type who is quickly losing the athleticism that befriended his wide base in his younger years.

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
06/08/12 9:21 am EST

Much of the Sixers success this season should be attributed to Coach Collins.  He is directly responsible for the team unity and mental toughness that the squad displayed throughout much of the regular season and post season.  Collins guided a team with extremely low preseason expectations to within a game of the Eastern Conference Finals; a place the Sixers haven’t even sniffed since the 2001 season. 

This feat is especially impressive considering the team’s collective age, playoff experience, and lack of a true superstar and / or scorer, a usual prerequisite to playoff success.  However with that being said, after seeing flashes of the team’s potential throughout the playoffs, one can’t help but wonder if Coach Collins could have done more with his team. 

While NOT having a true shooter / scorer hurt the team throughout the season and was a big factor in their eventual playoff downfall (We have chronicled this here at Philadunkia extensively.), as the team struggled through one poor shooting performance after another, Collins’ coaching may have had an impact on their exit as well. 

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Posted by: C. Smith
06/05/12 7:11 am EST

Yesterday we looked at a list of NBA shooting guards from which Rod Thorn and Doug Collins could choose to add a scorer to the 76ers roster this summer via the free agent signing route.  Today here at Philadunkia we will examine the crop of college prospects who appear to have the game and mental makeup to step into the Sixers shooting guard spot and really contribute in 2012-13.

The two elite, elite shooting guard prospects in this Draft — Bradley Beal (Florida) and Jeremy Lamb (UConn) — will not be around when the 7-6 select at #15 in June.  However, if the Sixers decide to go with a shooting guard who can score at #15, there will be some big-time college players still on the board (like Washington Huskie Terrence Ross pictured above) when the Sixers get placed “on the clock”.  On paper, any one of these kids we’ll look at today could help fill the glaring hole at SG on the Sixers roster.

Obviously the key for Thorn and Collins is to sort through all the information out there as well as the game tapes and grab the best mid-first round shooting guard available.

After the jump you’ll learn that will not be an easy decision.

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Posted by: Jerry Scherwin
06/04/12 9:42 am EST

There are a couple of keys to making 2012-13 even better than the run our Philadelphia 76ers put on during this crazy, lockout shortened season. 

Adding a power forward who can rebound and shoot would be nice.  Signing or trading for a shot blocking center would also be great.  But right now Philadunkia is focused on one glaring need — signing a shooting guard that can accomplish a few things:

1.)    Start

2.)    Shoot the basketball

3.)    Make the shots

4.)    Play ADEQUATE defense (enough for Doug to have confidence playing him starters minutes)

5.)    BE A GAMER

Look, I understand finding a shooting guard in today’s NBA that can do all of those things is a difficult task, especially in the open market.  I understand that most guys that can do the above either get locked up before they can test the Free Agent waters or get overpaid when they do.  I know it may be difficult this off season as the Sixers are cap strapped, but the 7-6 have two options — either they can trade for one of these types of guys or they sign one this off season.  One of the two needs to happen this summer.  Today I will look at the players the Sixers can sign to fill this hole (We’ll address the PF and shot blocking center issues soon).

Before we get to the available options, lets break down where the Sixers are right now at the position.

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