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Posted by: Philadunkia
10/31/12 3:04 pm EST

We know that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, for many of you the tip off of another NBA season may not be on your mind right now.  But assuming that all of our readers are physically okay, adapting and moving forward today — the NBA season started last night and that action has our hearts pumping for the 76ers opener tonight.

By now you’ve read or watched what all the national “experts” have predicted for our Philadelphia 76ers in 2012-13.  To be honest, they are all over the place.  Many of them believe that we are in for a replay of the 2010-11 season — .500 ball; make the playoffs; get bounced in the first round.  There are also a few “experts” who are predicting that Philadunkia’s home team will fall flat on its face this season.  Still others see a 50 win season coming up for the Sixers and a nice post-season run.

But as we all know, national “experts” are NOT the best source of information when it comes to the Sixers.  So in an effort to provide educated forecasts on how this year will play out for the Sixers, the scribes here at Philadunkia — people who eat, drink and sleep the 7-6 — have typed up their predictions for 2012-13. 

According to the Philadunkia staff, one thing is for sure, the 2012-13 76ers will be exciting to watch.

 After the jump…Here we go

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Posted by: Tim Parker
10/31/12 9:31 am EST

At the start of every new NBA season, there is a renewed of belief, hope, and confidence.  For the Sixers, 2012-2013 is no different.  Even though, the true (unspoken) goal is to just be able stay in the same ballpark of class as the Miami Heat. 

Nonetheless, there is a unique, almost poetic feeling about Wednesday night’s season opener at the Wells Fargo Center.  As the Sixers begin a new chapter of their franchise’s history, they will be forced to look their past dead in the eyes; in the form Andre Iguodala.

As Iguodala brings his Denver Nuggets to Philadelphia, he carries a truckload of baggage with him, including memories (both good and bad), 8 years of frustrations, and a fractured relationship with the 76ers’ faithful. 

Whether he was loved or hated, he was a much maligned, polarizing figure, partly because of his salary, demeanor, skill-set, and lack of team success.

Ironically enough, his final season as a Sixer would be the one where he actually began to be appreciated.  He earned his only All-Star appearance; he led his team to their first playoff series victory in a decade, and nearly took a talent deficient team to the Eastern Conference Finals.

But, by then it was already too late.

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Posted by: C. Smith
10/30/12 7:13 pm EST


While an “expert” opinion on basketball doesn’t exactly carry the same weight as an expert opinion on bone cancer or, I don’t know, a once-in-a-generation hurricane, they’re usually a lot more fun to read.

So without further ado, here’s a look at what some of our favorite NBA pundits from around the interwebs are expecting for and from the 2012-13 Philadelphia 76ers.

(Oh, and be sure to swing by tomorrow to read what Philadunkia’s own team of armchair point guards is predicting for (spoiler alert!) what we think is the best basketball team in Philadelphia.)

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Posted by: Tom Sunnergren
10/29/12 9:06 am EST

(Editor’s note: this post is not a real news story.  We made it up.  As a joke.)

In the wake of news that newly acquired center Andrew Bynum will likely miss the season opener due to discomfort in his right knee, Sixers management rushed to emphasize that in the grand scheme of things the injury should just be a blip on the radar.

“We’re disappointed for Andrew, obviously, but I’m not overly concerned about the injury,” coach Doug Collins told reporters after a Friday morning practice. “I mean, a nuclear Iran, hurricane Sandy, the possibility that we’re living in a Godless universe — that’s the sort of thing I’m really concerned about.”

“This is just basketball,” Collins added.

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
10/26/12 9:05 am EST

The addition of Andrew Bynum has elevated expectations in Philadelphia this season, as the team is clearly taking strong steps to return to true contender status.  Bynum is coming off of his best professional season, putting up 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds per game, and will provide the Sixers with a legitimate post presence, on each end of the floor, that they have long been lacking.

Though Andrew (and his knees) will be a central part, literally, to the Sixers’s success this season and in the future if the franchise is able to resign him, he will not be able to return the team to true contender status single handedly. With the surrounding cast differing significantly from last season, much of the support for Bynum will have to come from the team’s prized fourth-year point guard Jrue Holiday, who is in perfect position to elevate his game to the next level this season.

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Posted by: Philadunkia
10/24/12 9:55 am EST

After an off-season which saw the 76ers being more proactive than most would of predicted, there are several things to look forward to moving into the 2012-13 season.  The acquisition of Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson made headlines and will have a huge impact on this team.  The signing of Nick Young and trading for Dorrel Wright certainly strengthened the core of this roster.  Still, arguably the most pleasantly surprising addition to our Philadelphia franchise this past summer may be the pick-up of the undrafted Maalik Wayns. 

At first glance it’s easy to write Wayns off as just another roster addition.  There is no reason to even humor the thought of Jrue Holiday not ending this season the same way he starts, as the featured point guard of this franchise.  In fact unless a series of unfortunate injuries and circumstances arise, one wouldn’t be expecting Maalik Wayns to be given significant minutes coming off the bench.  Still, the undrafted guard out of Nova has shown that his path to an NBA roster will not be denied and if nurtured properly Wayns could be a help to the 7-6 this season.

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Posted by: C. Smith
10/23/12 9:55 am EST

The Sixers put the lid on a very nice 2012 preseason last night with a win over the NYK in Syracuse.  Even without a true point man (Holiday and Turner were rested & Wayns got injured during the game) the 7-6 looked very impressive last night.  In case you did not watch it online, Dei Lynam at has this recap.  We’ll post some of our own thoughts later today.

Sir Charles had some comments on what the acquisition of Bynum will mean for the 76ers.

Ian Thomsen at loves what he sees from the teams in the Atlantic Division. lists the Sixers home opener vs. Dre and the Nuggs as one of the games to watch this season.  We agree!!!

We all know that “The Answer” had a killer crossover, but over at Ball Don’t Lie they have posted a video of Iverson getting faked out of his jock strap during his rookie season by none other then former Cav point man Mark Price. 

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Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
10/22/12 9:51 am EST

The 76ers have had a pretty solid start to the 2012 preseason, especially considering they are playing without their prized off-season pickup, Andrew Bynum.  The thinking goes that the team will only improve once Andrew hits the hardwood, so the team’s 5-1 start to this preseason sans-Bynum is pretty promising. 

The Sixers have bested Eastern Conference foes Boston (2x), Cleveland, Brooklyn, and Orlando, with their only loss coming in overtime at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall to the Nets.

One of the brightest points for the 7-6 this preseason has been the play of the newly-acquired Nick Young (15 & 6 rbs. last night), who has taken little time to find his flow in Philly’s offense.  A slasher with nearly unlimited range, Young can score in a variety of ways and provides Philly with the type of threat that they’ll need to compliment Bynum.  As a bonus he has shown an ability to rebound and flashes of a defensive presence that he had not displayed previously in his career.

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Posted by: Jeff McMenamin
10/19/12 10:31 am EST

Following Monday’s preseason drubbing of the Boston Celtics, Sixers owner Adam Aaron made the status of Andrew Bynum’s knee a little clearer on twitter.

Aaron’s tweets on Bynum’s knee are below:


…He did not have surgery in Germany, he had injections.

…He will not have surgery next week, just a routine injection he gets every year.

…While conditioning in September Andrew Bynum got the bone bruise in his knee, which was unrelated to the procedure.

…And, if all goes to plan Andrew Bynum will join the Sixers at practice on Oct. 24th.

This update should at least let fans give a tentative sigh of relief as there’s now a timetable for the big man’s return.  However, whether or not his knee still feels sore only 5 days from now remains to be seen.

The “routine injections” Aaron is speaking of are injections of Synvisc-One.  On the company website for Synvisc-One it explains that the drug is designed to treat Osteoarthritis, which is a very common form of arthritis pain in the knee.  In the case of Osteoarthritis, pain is caused by (in Bynum’s case) whatever cartilage is left in his knees trying to protect the ends of the bones from deteriorating and the fluid that’s in the joint losing its capability to absorb shock.

The injections are supposed to help the joint fluid with absorbing shock, and commonly can add up to six months of relief for the patient.

Sounds like good news, right?  Until you read a little bit further.

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Posted by: C. Smith
10/18/12 1:06 pm EST

I have written numerous times on this site that I believe Spencer Hawes will not be able to hold on to the starting spot Doug Collins so kindly granted him this summer.  If you recall, DC said repeatedly during this past off-season that Hawes would be his starting power forward alongside the newly acquired Andrew Bynum.  To me the move just made no sense.

My analysis of this interesting lineup decision was very simple.  Yes Spence can stretch the floor on offense with his passing and silky jumper, but Hawes is not physical enough to match up at the other end with the beasts playing at the 4-spot in the NBA.  He also isn’t quick enough to cover the weak side when Bynum gets caught out of position while chasing a potential blocked shot.  I also went on to say that I wouldn’t be surprised if Arnett Moultrie replaced Hawes in the first-five by Christmas time.

Well, Christmas came early this year to Philadunkia nation.

After the jump, video of coach Collins announcing that Hawes likely will not be in the starting lineup on opening night.

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