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Posted by: C. Smith
10/07/13 11:28 am EST

dikembeinspaincopyAccording to, the Sixers failed miserably this off-season.

In case you did not catch Sunday’s game on NBATV, the Sixers led by “The Enigma’s” 25 points and Tony Wroten, beat Bilbao Basket 106-104. has the highlights of Sunday’s preseason win.

Bob Cooney of writes that the signing of Ganai Lawal indicates how desperate the Sixers bigs situation is right now.

A quick “76ers” search on produces this 1983 championship mug.  The price seems a bit high.  Maybe if it came with Guiness in it, I’ pay that number.

According to Woj over at Yahoo Sports, there is a growing divide in Chicago general manager Gar Forman and coach Tom Thibodeau.  It still angers me that I wanted Thibs instead of Doug Collins and the Sixers brought DC in anyhow.’s Keith Pompey talked with Kevin Durant about what it is like to play on a team (Sonics in 2008) that is in full tank mode.

Over at, Derek Bodner has an excellent post on the qualities of an effective ownership group.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minute to watch Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose preview the 2013-14 76ers.

Nicole Auerbach posted a solid piece on Andrew Wiggins and how he is ready to handle high expectations.

Jason Wolf of the USA Today note sin his 76ers preview that Evan Turner was expecting to be traded this summer.

Rob Mahoney of points out that Moses Malone would be a great mentor for Blake Griffin.

TrueHoopTV also previews the Sixers upcoming season and has a video interview with Brett Brown.

Via Keith Pompey’s Twitter account (@pompeyonsixers) we learn that Brett Brown is very popular in England.


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  1. Alex Hootan
    7. October 2013 at 14:56

    I watched Sunday’s game. Given the situation with 3 decent veteran players and a bunch of young guys, they exceeded my expectation. Maybe I expected a high school calibur team etc etc.
    There are a number of probable factors that may cause Sixers not ending up to be bottom 6 teams despite of what analysts all over the league are saying as of now. These are:
    • Brown ability (and his ego) to work on these kids to make them consistent contributors and good defenders. Anderson Worten, and perhaps Morris are good candidates
    • Turner becomes a consistence player and even an all star with Brown
    • Young and Haws contribute at a higher level than last few years.
    If Sixers do not end up as one of the bottom 5 teams this year, it will be a disaster in my mind.
    I feel it is to the best of their long term interest trading one or two of the trio (Young, Turner and Haws) for cap room and future assets right now to ensure the team will go down with 65 lost or more.

  2. sloetry
    8. October 2013 at 03:34

    I think it makes sense to hold onto Turner for a little while. Right now his value is low. He’s going to have an opportunity to raise his profile and value this season. Might as well see if we can get more for him as the season goes on, and if not, nothing lost.

  3. Philadunkia
    8. October 2013 at 10:12


    While I agree with your analysis of the Sixers win over Bilboa basket, the problem for me is that the Sixers struggled to beat weak competition.

    Bilboa is bottom of the pack team from the Liga ACB/Liga Endesa which is a 1st tier league is Spain (and a Top 5 league in Europe). They only have 7 players returning from last season and they have a new coach. The Bilboa squad also features only two players with borderline NBA skills (Carmichael & Mumbru). They recently lost to Real Madrid (the top team in Liga Endesa) by 40 points.

    But, I guess for the Tankadelphia campaign all of this is good news…

    Thanks for reading & commenting.

    — C. Smith

  4. Alex
    8. October 2013 at 13:17

    sloetry: I see your point. But did you see Turner’s post game interview? He acts like he is the leader and Savior of this team now. Amusing!!! Maybe the problem was DC!!

    C Smith: I feel better now. I sure hope they will not end up winging 30ish games this year, I will need prozac if that happens!!!

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