2013-14 “Expert” Predictions for Sixers

2getherwebuildmantracopyDespite some positive signs from the 76ers while the team was in Spain and England, we all know that the 76ers are in full tank mode and that the 2013-14 season (much like Monday night’s preseason game vs. Brooklyn) is going to be very difficult to watch.

If you are on the “Winless for Wiggins” bandwagon, as most of us here at Philadunkia are, then you have accepted that fact and are braced for what lies ahead this season.

But have you considered just how bad the Sixers could be in 2013-14?  A quick surf around the internet tells us that the “experts” think that the 2013-14 76ers could be one of the worst teams in the history of the League.

Which again, is good news in the year of the tank.

Here’s a look at what the “experts” are saying about the upcoming season for our 76ers:


Zach Lowe for Grantland:  “This is barely an NBA team, and the Sixers aren’t really trying to be an NBA team this season. They’re carrying by far the most cap room in the league — about $13 million, prime salary dump territory — and they’ll gauge the market value of Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young as other teams figure themselves out. Brett Brown, the team’s new coach, will be free to try a lot of things both on and off the floor, and that will be interesting to monitor. But this team is going to be terrible, by design.”


Bill Simmons and Jalen Rose for ESPN:  ‘The Sports Guy” (who suddenly looks old as hell!) and Rose previewed the 2013-14 76ers about two weeks  ago and as expected, it is not pretty.  My favorite sound bite came at the 5:29 mark…

Simmons:  “Spencer Hawes is the best outside shooter in this team.”

Rose: (No response. Jalen just leans back in his chair and laughs.)

Simmons:  “Really, he is.  I’m going to say that’s a problem.”

Rose:  (Still smiling ear to ear.)  “It’s always a problem when your center is your best shooter.”


Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk:  Feldman has a very solid preview, but my favorite shot at the Sixers was this paragraph…”19-63.  It’s difficult to project a team to finish much worse than this, but the 76ers will try.  A better pick in the loaded 2014 draft means more to Philadelphia than a few extra meaningless wins, and newly hired Sam Hinkie has the job security to go that route.  The 76ers are inexperienced, and there will be growing pains, but a high pick next summer would heal a lot of wounds.”


Sam Amico of Foxsports.com:  Amico has a brief preview of the 2013-14 Sixers and notes that 7-6 might as well be the 1995-96 Vancouver Grizzlies (15 wins)…”…the Sixers will start either Spencer Hawes or Kwame Brown at center. And perhaps Lavoy Allen at power forward.  And another rookie, Michael Carter-Williams, at point guard.  Now, again, these guys are all capable NBA players (although Carter-Williams is still an unknown).  They just aren’t guys you necessarily want starting.  Throw in first-time coach Brett Brown, and the Sixers have the look of an expansion team.  Only probably not as good.  But all of this appears to be by design.”


Ben Golliver of The Point Forward (SI.com):  “The tank is so on in Philadelphia and the bounty it could produce is incredible…How does a 2014-15 starting lineup of Michael Carter-Williams, Evan Turner, Wiggins, Aaron Gordon and Nerlens Noel sound?  It sounds like a top-five must-watch team on League Pass, immediately, and the beginnings of a team that could open a wide window of contention in three to five years.”


Matt Tonkinson of Hoopstuff:   “The playoffs are not a possibility for the Sixers this season and you’d be hard pressed to find an analyst that disagrees…The entire Sixer roster is filled with medical issues. The most important of these health concerns is Noel’s torn ACL. Forward, Arnett Moultrie is out for the season and big men, Kwame Brown and Lavoy Allen, are also hurting. While depth is obviously a concern for this team, injuries will be the biggest constraint, well besides a complete lack of talent.”


Ian Thomsen of Si.com:  “…Another big project will be to restore the confidence and value of fourth-year swingman Evan Turner, whether to include him in the rebuild or move him for assets. Philadelphia is going to struggle to score, and the best Brown can hope for is to establish a hard-fought defensive identity that can create easy baskets. It will be important for everyone to remember that a losing season is part of the larger strategy.”


John Schuhmann of NBA.com:  NBA.com has a lengthy preview of the Sixers that includes several video elements.  Here are a couple of my favorite lines from Schumann…”The Philadelphia 76ers are going to lose a lot of games this season…his is the plan of Sixers ownership and new general manager Sam Hinkie. Hit rock bottom and increase your chances for a top-three pick in what projects to be a star-laden draft next June…But before they can go forward, they must first go back. Back to the bottom of the Eastern Conference with a team that could have one of the most anemic offenses in recent memory.”


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