Notes, Links & Tweets’s Keith Pompey writes that Lavoy Allen is not very concerned about missing the 76ers open practice on Saturday because he overslept.

Lavoy was at practice on Sunday and coach Brown says the matter will be handled “internally”.

In’s preseason power rankings, the Sixers did not fair well.  Like not well…at all.

The hoop heads at Grantland have differing takes on how watchable the Sixers will be in 2013-14.

Marc Stein at looks at the 2010 Draft class and determines the possibility of extensions for the remaining players in that Draft still under their rookie deals (see Evan Turner).


John Finger at points out that the Sixers have to push through the blowout L’s and keep a positive outlook.  I agree with John on this concept but it will be tough to accomplish when the team starts out 1-16.

From Derek Bodner at (via @MysportsLegion) there is a report that the T-Wolves are interested in “The Enigma”.

A quick “76ers” search on turns up a host of ticket opportunities and this Ron Anderson signed piece. has a preview of tonight’s game vs. the Cavs.

Evan Turner talked about returning to The Ohio Sate for tonight’s game.

Via Twitter (@thekidet) /Instagram (evanalmighty12) we see that “The Enigma” is enjoying his homecoming.

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