A Rival Scout on the Sixers

turnerblackbackdropeditedAs we all know, a number of major online and print outlets have already released their 2013-14 NBA Previews.  This week, Sports Illustrated’s NBA preview issue finally hit new stands and like all of the other previews we have read, the SI breakdown of the upcoming 76ers season was not kind.

Sports Illustrated picked the 7-6 to finish 15th in the East, but for me that was no surprise and to be honest it wasn’t that interesting.  What was interesting to read in SI was the “Enemy Lines” portion of the 76ers preview in which a rival scout analyzed last year’s Sixers as well as Brett Brown & Co.

After the jump, a breakdown of the Sixers by an NBA scout.


Via SI.com….



“Two postseasons ago they took the Celtics to seven games.  Now look at them. They had to put guys like Gani Lawal on the roster just to meet the minimum.  It’s going to be miserable….

Evan Turner is not the kind of scorer who takes over games, but you’ll see the ball in his hands a lot because he can attack the seams and get into the lane.  A guy who rebounds like he does from the two or three-you can’t call him soft.  He goes after the ball.  You’d think he’d go to the line more….

I understand when they talk about wanting to bring back the joy of the game for Turner.  As creative and ingenious as [former coach Doug] Collins was, it was very hard to figure out what the hell they were doing.  Your report would be along the lines of, “I think this is what they’re trying to get toward, but a lot of times they don’t do what he’s calling.”  And in spite of that, Turner always competed….

Lavoy Allen intrigues me.  He came out of nowhere and had a good rookie season but didn’t take the next step last year. At the end of shot clock in his rookie year he was able to knock down the shot because the other team was daring him; now as one of the central parts of the team, he’s not going to have the open looks he did before…. They’re going to depend on Michael Carter-Williams as a rookie point guard, which is a hard thing on a team without scorers….The building is going to be empty this year-but would you rather have it be full and booing?”


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