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Posted by: C. Smith
10/28/13 3:48 pm EST

cassiedreamteamtwitpicThe Sixers signed former BYU player Brandon Davies.

Lebron calls Allen Iverson ‘pound for pound the greatest player ever’.

We all know the Sixers are in full tank mode, but thanks to Tony Manfred at the Business Journal, you can see that the Suns are in Winless for Wiggins mode as well.

Dwayne C. Nelson at Yahoo Sports reviews 5 reasons why Philadunkia nation will always love “The Answer”.

A quick “76ers” search on craigslist produces this sweet jacket.

Bob Cooney of writes that cutting Royce White was “tough” for Hinkie and Brown.

Dei Lynam of writes that Brett Brown is aware that MCW1 has a tough road ahead of him this season.

Over at The Point Forward, Rob Mahoney has an interesting prediction for “The Enigma” in 2013-14.

Christopher A. Vito at the Delco Times gets a few quotes from Thad on the possibility of being traded by Hinkie & Co.

Via Twitter we learn that the Sixers are going to hold a “historic” press conference on Wednesday.

Also on Twitter we learn that Kwame Brown is a long way from returning to action.


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  1. Steve Toll
    28. October 2013 at 22:48

    Byron Mullens, Ryan Hollins and Antawn Jamison are the backups at PF-C for the Clippers.

    Brandon Davies joins an elite list of assets in the new Sam Hinkie era

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