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mcwdribblesjpgThe majority of us here at Philadunkia were big Jrue Holiday supporters.  In addition to his excellent on-the-court play as a member of the 76ers, Jrue was very good to this site and granted our staff a number of exclusive interviews during his years in Philadelphia.

So needless to say, we were shocked and disappointed when Holiday was dealt to New Orleans in Sam Hinkie’s Draft night blockbuster deal.  Obviously we understood why Hinkie made the move and after the shock wore off, a few of us even agreed with the trade.  Still, for the second straight year the face of the 76ers franchise was shipped out and it hurt a little.

However, in just three games rookie Michael Carter-Williams has eased our suffering greatly.

After the jump, a statistical look at how MCW is helping us cope with the loss of “The Jruth”.

Overall, the 2013-13 season was a very solid year for Jrue Holiday (17 ppg.; 8 apg.; 4 rpg;) and that fact was recognized by his “peers” with his selection to the 2013 NBA All-Star Game in Houston.  Again, most of here at Philadunkia greatly enjoyed watching Jrue ball last year.

However, even the strongest Holiday supporter has to admit that Jrue’s play slipped as his final season in a Sixers uniform came down the home stretch.  I have broken down Jrue’s stats from last season into 3 different sections and I think you’ll see an interesting decline in his production as the 2012-13 season pushed towards its conclusion.

From the season opener through 2/28/13 (52 games):

19 ppg.; 8 .6 apg.; 4 rpg.; 3.9 TOV per game

45.6% FG and 35% on 3PA;

TS% 51.6% and Usage 27.2%;

From March 2nd, 2013 to the end of the season (26 games):

15 ppg.; 6.8 apg.; 4 rpg.; 3.4 TOV per game

37.6% FG and 38.9% on 3PA;

TS% 45.2 and Usage 25.7%;

Final 13 game of 2012-13:

13.3 ppg. 4.6 apg. 3.3 rpg. 3.3 TOV per game

34.8% FG and 28% on 3PAs

TS% 42.3% and Usage 27%

Now, Jrue is not singly responsible for his drop in production as a number of variables must also be recognized.  Obviously the grind of an 82 game season has an impact on a player’s performance.  Working with a lame-duck head coach who had quit on his team, certainly could have been a factor in Jrue’s play over the last 26 games of the season.  Injuries (declared and unknown) to himself and teammates, also may have played a role.  Still, even when you account for the variables, you have to acknowledge that Jrue did not play like an “All-Star” from March 2nd through the end of the 2012-13 season.

For comparisons sake, here are Carter-Williams numbers for the first 3 games of his NBA career: 

20.7 ppg.; 9 apg.; 4.7 rpg.; 2.3 TOV per game

46.8% FG and 47% on 3PA;

TS% 57.8 and Usage 24.5%


Now I know MCW’s sample size is significantly smaller than Jrue’s 52 game start to the 2012-13 season and that will be a huge issue for many of you.  Additionally, I am trying to keep a level head about the rookie’s insane start to the current season.

However when you take the time to review the data, you can’t help but notice that MCW’s stats (so far) meet or exceed Jrue’s “All-Star” numbers from the first 52 games of last year.

When you compare the first 3 games of MCW’s  career to Jrue’s numbers between March 2nd and April 17th of 2013 (last game), Carter-Williams has a decided edge — statistically speaking.  Finally, when you compare the last 13 games of Jrue’s career here in Philadelphia against what MCW has done so far this season, well, there is no comparison.  MCW has been better by a Broad Street mile.

Again, I acknowledge this comparison is littered with issues and also admit that I may have sipped from the MCW Kool-Aid that everyone in Philadunkia nation is drinking right now.  As we gain a larger sample size for MCW, his play may in fact level off (Let’s hope not.  Or hope so, if you are a tanking advocate.) and in a month this comparison may swing in Jrue’s favor.

But I thought it was an interesting perspective on just how good Carter-Williams has been and how he has helped to ease the pain of losing Jrue Holiday.


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