76ers Wizards BasketballThere were only three things that did not surprise us about the 76ers 108-107 loss in Washington last night: (1) the Sixers awful defense (allowed 40 points in the 3rdQ) cost them the game…, (2) the 76ers bench played well…and…(3) which ever Sixer took the last shot, that player would settle for a long range J. 

The 76ers lost their third game in a row last night and are now 0-2 on this brutal streak where they play 7 of 8 games on the road.  To be honest we here at Philadunkia are as mystified by this team as any we can ever remember.  This Sixers team defies all basketball logic and last night was further proof of that theory.  Here’s six items that blew away our basketball minds during last night’s game.

1)      After the game both Louis and Eddie Jordan claimed the 20-foot GW FGA that Louis put up was the shot “we wanted” — Really? C’mon, talk about NBA speak and backing up your players.  You have to get into the paint on that play and get a closer, higher percentage look so that if the ball doesn’t go in, you have a strong chance of going to the FT line.  That’s NBA 101.  We know Louis had been hot all night and he had just hit a shot from almost the exact same spot, but we also know that Louis had slashed into the lane all night for easy buckets.  Why didn’t he go to the tin in this situation?

2)      Eddie Jordan finally played rookie Jrue Holiday for extended minutes. — The result, 11 points, 6 rebounds and a block as Holiday led the Sixers comeback that cut the Wizards lead from 14 to a single point.  Why last night?  Why not two game ago or three games ago?  Didn’t the Sixers need more of a defensive presence and better PG play in those games?

3)      Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala BOTH had terrible nights. — So far this season the trend has been that when one of them goes MIA for a night, the other picks up the slack and plays very well.  Not so last night.  They were a combined 3-19 for a total of 16 points.

4)      The benching of AI9. – We don’t care how bad of a game Iggy is having on any given night, as your best overall player and the locker room “leader” of this Sixers team, he’s got to be on the floor at clutch time.  When he’s on the court, opposing defenses have to respect Iggy no matter how poor of a shooting night he is having.  By not putting him out there, Jordan made the Wizards job on defense easier.  As a defender who would you fear more, Rodney Carney or AI9?  Plus from his comments after the game, it sounds as though Iggy was not happy at all with the move.  Pissing off star players is how NBA coaches get fired.

5)      The play of the “Young” guns. —

  • We’ll concede that from what we have seen on NBA TV and the League pass that Nick Young has shown flashes of game, but he shouldn’t be lighting anyone up for 20 points let alone 13 in one quarter. 
  • As for the Sixers “Young” guy, Thaddeus Young, well based on recent games, we expected another night of him struggling with his shot, but instead he was on fire.  Thad finished 10-19 from the field for 24 points and he looked more and more confident in his stroke as the game wore on.

6)  The Wizards won without Caron Butler. — Out with a sore ankle, we thought the loss of Butler’s 16 & 7 a night would spell doom for the Wizards.  We were wrong as the Sixers had no answer for Antwan Jamison (32 points & 16 rips) or Nick Young and that was all the Wizards needed.  By the way, how good is Jamison?  You really forget just how smooth of a player he is because AJ is such a quiet guy and plays in D.C. which is basically a black hole of an NBA town, but he is just awesome and arguably one of the best forwards in the League.

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