lous new grillAs you probably know by now, Louis Williams is out 6-8 weeks after suffering a fractured jaw on Tuesday night thanks to a collision with Antawn Jamison’s shoulder.  Louis had surgery yesterday, yes on Thanksgiving Day and on his way to the hospital had this to say via Twitter, “On my way to the hospital to get my jaw wired shut on thanksgiving.  How fun.”

After the operation was over, Louis posted this Twitpic of the surgeon’s handy-work and said, “shining like baby in there.”  That’s a smooth reference to New Orleans hip-hop artist and Cash Money Records founder Bryan “Baby”, a.k.a. “Birdman” Williams who is famous for his ridiculous teeth grills. 

louisstrawThe Sixers have said the Louis will meet with a nutritionist to, “review a liquid diet designed to assist him in maintaining his weight.”  His niece got the jump on the nutritionist and gave Louis a Dora sippy cup with a straw through which he just put down his dinner — an Oreo Milkshake (Twitpic at left). 

Finally, in what we can only assume was an effort to ease the pain from his fractured jaw, earlier today Louis made a pretty big purchase — a new Ferrari.

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