The 76ers Lost Weekend

pelicansvsixersThanks to an IT glitch with our Rapid Reacts generator that was significantly above our technical capabilities, we were unable to bring you immediate reviews of the 76ers L’s in Atlanta on Friday night and at New Orleans on Saturday night.

If you watched the games this weekend, you know that both contests were not pretty runs for Brett Brown & Company.  When we look back on the 2013-14 season, we may recognize this past weekend as the point where the #WinlessforWiggins campaign shifted into high gear.

After the jump are my observations and notes from the the 7-6’s losing weekend.


Hawks — 113

76ers — 103

— I know I have been beating the “poor perimeter defense” drum for a while now, but get ready because here I go again.  In the 1st half of this game Atlanta shot 51% of FGs and 50% on 3’s (7-14).  Overall the Hawks hit on 48% of their FGAs and 43% of their 3PAs. Additionally, Jeff Teague simply killed the Sixers guards (plus Evan Turner) with his dribble drives to the rim.  No Sixer could keep Teague out of the lane and thus he put up a career high 33 points.

— There was a concentrated effort to get Thad in the 1st half and it worked.  #21 racked up 9 points in the 2nd Q (13 first half points overall) on 6-11 shooting from the field.  However the Sixers did not sustain this offensive game plan as Thad only got 4 looks in the 2nd half and ended the game with 17 points.

— Evan Turner got off to a fast start against the Hawks as well.  Turner put up 13 points in the 1st half of this game on 5-9 shooting.  ET ended the game with 27 points on 10-17 shooting.  But what I really enjoyed was Turner 7-8 shooting from the FT line.  Turner also had a spectacular dime to Thad in the 2nd Q.

— The Hawks game plan in this game seemed simple.  Their plan was to use Teague in a pick and roll situation with which ever player Spencer Hawes guarded.  It was especially effective in the 2nd half as the Hawks scored on the pick and roll by going right at Hawes time after time.  Most of those buckets came on “keepers” by Teague where he simply used the pick to create an opportunity to drive the ball to the tin for a bucket or FTAs.

— After leading by two at half, the Sixers let this one get away in the 3rd Q thanks to shooting 0-for-their-first-4 and 3 for 10 to start the Q.  When you combine those numbers with Teague’s scoring explosion, the Hawks were able to put together a 16-8 run and grab and 8-point lead.  Atlanta never looked back.

— A 10-2 run early in the 4th Q allowed the Hakws to extend their lead to double digits.  Turner tried to keep the Sixers in this one during the 4th Q by scoring 8 straight from the field, but the Sixers could not get a stop at the other end and eventually this one just slipped away.

— The Hawks game also featured the debut of former 76er Louis Williams and another scoring outburst from Tony Wroten.  It was great to see Louis backon the court.  It was also fantastic to witness Wroten staying agressive, scoring the ball and avoiding any kind of let down coming off his 1st triple-double vs. Houston on Wednesday night.


Pelicans — 135

76ers — 98

— The Hornets, errr I mean Pelicans, simply put an ass whoopin on the 76ers Saturday night and there’s no way of sugar coating it.

— I was most impressed with the Pelicans 3 point shooting (Ryan Anderson six 3PMS) and the ability of Anthony Davis to control the paint (8 blocks on the night).  FYI, Anderson racked up 26 points in his first game back form a broken toe.  Ohh yeah, Anderson scored 14 points in his first 14 minutes of play on Saturday night.  In the 2nd Q there was a stretch where RA scored 10 points in 2:30 of game action.

— As I have mentioned before, the Sixers defense has been bad so far this season, but in New Orleans on Saturday night, it hit rock bottom.  Someone on the Sixers needed to show some pride and lock down Ryan Anderson.  That never happened and when Anderson left the game with 3 minutes remaining in the 3rd Q, he had tallied 26 points.  Additionally, the 76ers allowed New Orleans to score 67 1st half points on 58% shooting.  The Pelicnas shot 62% from the field through three quarters and finished shooting 60.5 percent.  The Pelicnas hit on 46% of their 3PAs (13-28).  NOP als0 placed eight players in double figures.

— Just like in Atlanta the night before, the 76ers also struggled to contain dribble drive penetration.  Former 76er fan favorite Jrue Holiday (14 & 12) as well as Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon got to the rim whenever theywanted.  Evans simply killed the Sixers with his physicla nature and ability to put the ball on the floor.

— After the 1st Q, the Sixers trailed by 12, but it was the 2nd Q that buried Philadunkia’s home team on Saturday night.  A 9-2 run to open the 2nd Q put the Pelicnas up by 21 and from there it was simply garbage time.  The Pelicans extended their lead to 30 points in the 1st half.

— One of the few items I liked from the Sixers effort in NO came during the 1st Q.  Depsite the presence of Davis, the 7-6 made a concentrated effort to score inside and for a while it worked.  During the 1st Q Brown & Co. scored 10 straight points in the paint and 14 overall in the Q.  That stretch was one of the few highlights for the Sixers.

— Evan Turner opened the game by going 0-5.

— Wroten continued his agressive mindset on the offesive end by scoring 19 points. However he was 6-16 on FGAs and a -33 for the night.


Philadunkia Notes:

— After his 36 point outbursts vs. Houston (His former team.), James Anderson came plummeting back to earth over the weekend.  On Friday night Anderson, was simply awful — 2 points on 1-6 from the field and 0-4 from deep.  On Staurday night JA scored only 11 points on 1-4 shooting from 3-ball territory.  Those of you on Twiiter who were dubbing James “Mr. Anderson” (“Matrix” movie reference) after his game vs. HOU can now stop that nonsense.

— In 2014-15, if a healthy Nerlens Noel can be half as good as Anthony Davis was Saturday night, the Sixers will be a vastly improved team that is a ton of fun to watch.  So that’s something, right???

— The Sixers now rank 30th in points allowed per game at 111.1.  In their last 4 runs the Sixers have given up an average of 118.5 ppg.  How’s that “pick your poison” defense working out?


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