iversonIWord is breaking everywhere about a 2-hour long meeting in Dallas between Allen Iverson with his appropriate people in tow (Leon Rose and Gary Moore) and 76ers General Manager Ed Stefanski, SVP Tony DiLeo as well as head coach Eddie Jordan and assistant coach Aaron McKie. 

Obviously this is a huge update / progress on the story of the Sixers having “interest” in signing Iverson which was first broken by Stephen A. Smith on his website over the weekend.  Stephen A. was all over sports radio today here in Philly talking about Iverson’s possible return to Philadelphia.

Love him or hate him, one thing is for sure, Stephen A. is wired in to the NBA players, especially A.I.’s camp.  One of the more interesting things Smith had to say on the airwaves today was that even before Louis suffered a broken jaw, Eddie Jordan was strongly considering starting Williams and rookie Jrue Holiday together in the Sixers back-court. 

iversonIIApparently Jordan is looking for more ball handling and better outside shooting to help his version of the Princeton offense go more smoothly in Philadelphia.  So it would not be much of stretch to see a Sixers lineup that feature Holiday and Iverson in the back-court with Iguodala, Brand and Dalembert across the front line.  Under this scenario, the addition of Iverson would seemingly bump Thaddeus back to the 6th man role. 

More on this story later.

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