sixers04-20ldMarques Hayes of the Daily News writes the Sixers win was magical

Ric Hoffman of the Daily News notes that even after Iguodala missed those end of the game FTs, his teammates still had faith that Iggy could get the winning bucket

Philly loyal blog presents a video titled Philadelphia: Where Amazing Sunday Happens

Marques Hayes of the Daily News with a story on “Big Homie”, Donyell Marshall who was clutch last night has some post game video clips notes that Stan Van Gundy is upset with his team

David Whitley of the Orlando Sentinel writes that the Magic got no production out of Lewis and Hedo and that really hurt Orlando

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel blog “Open Mike” asks, “Does this Magic loss qualify as a choke?”

The appropriately named Magic loyal blog can not imagine a worse way to start the post season

Here’s the recap and highlights from

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