Dion Waiters Doesn’t Fit Here

dionwaiterspoolDon’t expect to see Dion Waiters in a Sixers uniform anytime this season.

Despite the fact that the rumor has stayed surfaced, there seems to be little merit in a move that would ship Evan Turner and his talents to Cleveland for the former lottery pick.

Waiters is inefficient, inconsistent, and streaky.  Not exactly Hinkie’s type of preferred player.

A report yesterday from Bleacher Report’s Jared Zwerling explained that Waiters preferred to play in Philly, not because it is his hometown, but because he feels he could ‘be the best player on the team.’


That statement exposes the attitude issue with Waiters; he currently cares more for his own success than the overall success of his squad.  This would not be an ideal attitude to pair with a young, developing Sixers squad.

Waiters has a ton of development to do both on and off the court (See summer 2013’s pool party in Perkasie), and he doesn’t really seem like he would fit with the Sixers franchise going forward, especially if he isn’t ok with playing second fiddle.  If Waiters doesn’t like taking a side-seat to Kyrie in Cleveland, would he ever accept a secondary role with the Sixers, who would be looking to pair him with Michael Carter-Williams, Nerlens Noel, a lottery pick or two, and any free agent acquisitions?  Not likely.

This rumor, like many potential trade rumors around this time, must be taken with a grain of salt.  Many are the result of agents working to increase interest around the League in a specific client.

Thus, I didn’t put much stock into it when it first popped up a couple weeks ago.  But, when the rumor re-surfaced yesterday, I was thinking that maybe the Sixers would entertain the offer in order to have more control heading into the offseason.  Maybe the Sixers wanted to get the value for Turner, who will be a RFA this summer, now, and then flip Waiters in the offseason after some decent development under Brett Brown.

Waiters, the No. 4 pick in the 2012 draft,  is Cleveland’s second-leading scorer, averaging 14.4 points per night while coming off the bench since mid-November.   The shooting guard posted 25 points (On 11-19 shooting.) and 5 assists last night in the Cavs loss to Portand.  So despite what some have labeled as a disappointing career early on, Waiters is no scrub.

Still, Turner will likely get much more value around the trade deadline when teams are looking to add offense for a playoff push.  Thus, such a move at this time doesn’t seem to make much sense, and a source close to the situation said that the acquisition of Waiters is unlikely.

The quotes from Waiters today denying that he ever even asked to be traded make the reality of the rumor appear even less likely.

“At the end of the day, I know what I said and didn’t say, and that’s one of those things I absolutely never said.  They can keep talking.  I never said it,” Waiters told the Akron Beacon Journal.

“I’m asleep and my phone is blowing up,” he said. “The way my phone was going crazy, I thought I got traded already.  It is what it is.  They come up with these stories that aren’t true.  Let them keep writing.”

Okay, then.

I would expect the Sixers lineup to look different come deadline day or possibly even before.

I just wouldn’t expect Dion Waiters to be in it.



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