iversonI“I can’t help imagining, Vick, McNabb, Rollins and Iverson all playing in the City of Brotherly Love……..Picture That!”

 — An entry from Allen Iverson’s Twitter account on August 14th, 2009 after Mike Vick had signed with the Eagles.

Well, we guess we need to change Iverson’s nickname from “The Answer” to “Nostradamus” as multiple sources have told that a deal to bring 34-year old, former NBA MVP Allen Iverson back to Philadelphia is all but done and just needs approval from Allen Iverson’s camp and especially his wife, Tawanna. 

Back in August it was reported that Greek powerhouse Olympiacos; the same team Josh Childress plays for currently and the same team that offered Knicks free agent Nate Robinson a nice contract made Iverson a two-year, $10 million contract offer and he passed.  Then in September, Iverson signed with the Memphis Grizzlies and we all know how well that worked out for “The Answer”.  A little over a week ago he begrudgingly announced his retirement from the game.  Then this past holiday weekend Stephen A. Smith reported that Philadelphia 76ers GM Ed Stefanski had “interest” in talking to Iverson about a home coming.  Now it seems apparent that Iverson will return to play for the 76ers, the team that drafted him 13 years ago.

Heck,’s Marc Stein is reporting that Iverson could be in uniform for the Sixers “as early as next Monday night”.

Philly’s payroll is below the NBA’s $69.92 million luxury-tax threshold, and thus GM Ed Stefanski could offer Iverson the $1.3 million minimum  for a player with 10 seasons in the League or maybe even more.  Experts and 76ers fans seem to be split right down the middle on whether or not this is a good deal for the Sixers.

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