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Posted by: C. Smith
01/13/14 11:30 am EST

JaneenMasiejczyk_SixersDanceTeamMemphis head coach Josh Pastnor has some deep Philly roots and ohhh yeah…his family may have video tape of Wilt’s 100-point game.

For…David Thorpe of ranks the rookies in the Association.  Hint: MCW does well in this ranking.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Australian draft lottery prospect Dante Exum has met with agents and may be headed to the NBA.

Speaking of the 2014 Draft, has the Sixers selecting Julius Randle in the 5th spot and a PG at #12.

A quick “76ers” search on pulls up hundreds of ticket ads and this ball signed by Barkley and Iverson.

Greg Anthony lists his “unsung” 2014 All-Star candidate and Thad is NOT among them.  C’mon Greg…

We have been saying for a month or so now that the Sixers bench is not good…and I mean really not good.  The mainstream media has now recognized that fact…

Dei Lynam writes about the issues with the Sixers bench and how heavily Brown is leaning on the first-five.

Keith Pompey jumps on the Sixers’ bench is young and inexperienced bandwagon.

Former Sixer Charles Barkley was in the Patriots locker room after the big win and Charles had some interesting things to say.

Via Chris Haynes at comes the news that even though they could use a big, the Blazers are NOT among the teams interested in Andrew Bynum.

Via Tony Wroten’s Twitter account (@TWroten_Loe) we learn that his Instagram account has been hacked.  Wroten now has a new Instagram account and wants you to follow him.


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  1. Alex
    13. January 2014 at 15:40

    There is an article on Forbs about 2014 Draft that made me wonder if 2014 draft has been overhyped. Any comments?
    here is the link”

  2. Philadunkia
    14. January 2014 at 10:30


    Interesting article. Over the weekend I caught as similar conversation between Bill Simmons and Doug Collins. Simmons & DC discussed how it now appears this ’14 class is filled with great players, but NOT one franchise changing stud. I think some of that recent change of heart has to do with Wiggins’ up and down play and the the fact that Parker and Duke have struggled at times. Also in general, “experts” keep looking for the next LeBron and he’s a once in a lifetime player, so as scouts get more tape on the young kids in the ’14 Draft class they are going to suffer by comparison. Whatever the reason, the hype on June’s crop of prospetcs seems to be calming down a bit.

    Thanks for reading & commenting.

    — C. Smith

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