iversonpresserWOW.  That’s our initial reaction to the Allen Iverson press conference here in Philadelphia late yesterday afternoon.  The face-to-face with the media began roughly at 5:00 pm and by 5:06 pm “The Answer” had the tears flowing as he poured his heart and soul out for all of Philadelphia to witness. 

We’re not sure if a press conference can go down as one of the best moments in Philadelphia sports history, but if they are eligible for consideration in those arguments, then yesterday’s Iverson presser belongs in the Top 10. 

You can watch the whole press conference again on CSNPhilly.com.  For those like us who saw it live or for those who have seen a replay of the event, the footage is something you will never forget.

However, just for a second let’s remove the red, white and blue sunglasses and recall that A.I. has always had a way with words and has always given compelling press conferences.  So while the emotional level that yesterday’s press conference reached and how quickly it went there was a bit of a shock to everyone, it was not surprising to us that Iverson had the right words to say regarding “fitting in” with the current Sixers, his “love” for the fans of Philadelphia and how he is all about team and doesn’t need any more “accolades”.  Again, outside of the legendary “Talkin’ ’bout practice” saga, Allen has always chosen his words wisely and made for great theatre. 

Additionally, in the past Philadelphia fans have heard similar words from Iverson about his role with the Sixers.  Thus you’ll have to excuse us if we didn’t start crying about Iverson’s return as well.  In his first 11 years with the Sixers we usually heard these type of statements from #3 at the start of every season or a after a tussle with Larry Brown in the media.  the problem for us is that in the past Iverson has repeatedly failed to back up his words and promises. 

We’re not questioning Allen’s sincerity yesterday.  Not at all.  Iverson has always spoken from his heart, especially here in Philly.  What we are saying is, Allen we’re pumped you’re back home in Philly, but you’ve got once last chance to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk.  We hope and pray you take full advantage of it.

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