Turner to Charlotte Makes Sense

Posted by: Michael Kaskey-Blomain
02/05/14 12:29 pm EST

011614-evan-turner-600With the trade deadline quickly approaching, the Sixers will eventually have to make a move with Evan Turner if they don’t want to risk having him walk for nothing this summer, or pay a pretty penny to retain his services.

There is some interest around the league, as he has shown that he can score this season (even if his numbers are inflated because of the Sixers’ blistering pace), including from some serious interest from Charlotte.

According to the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell, the Bobcats have already inquired about acquiring Turner, and if Charlotte is willing to part with a pick, then the move makes sense for both sides.

Although there is no report yet on what Charlotte would be willing to give up for E.T., they have some assets that would be of great value to the 76ers in their current state. The Bobcats could potentially have up to three first round picks this year, as well as Ben Gordon’s fat expiring contract.

The Sixers have made their desire for draft picks evident, and it seems that one of Charlotte’s potential three first round picks, and Ben Gordon’s expiring contract would be a very enticing trade for Turner from the Sixers’ side.

In addition to their own pick, which may be in the lottery depending on the ‘Cats’ playoff push, Charlotte receives Portland’s 2014 first-rounder (top 12 protected), and Detroit’s 2014 first-rounder (top 8 protected).

On the Bobcats’ end the trade would improve them on the offensive end, where Turner could provide some wing scoring to support Jefferson’s production in the paint, and Kemba Walker’s production from the point. Charlotte struggles to score at times, and Turner has the ability to create his own shot and generate some scoring, although he needs the ball in his hands to be extremely effective. Still, he is an upgrade over Michael Kidd-Gilchrist or Gerald Henderson, one of whom could then be moved to the bench to deepen the team’s depth.

It may be a bit of a gamble on Charlotte’s end, as who is to say that Turner stays this summer, but short term he makes them a bit better and his addition probably pushes them into the playoffs. If the Bobcats really want to make it to the NBA’s second season, the playoffs, then the gamble is a move they should make.


5 Responses to “Turner to Charlotte Makes Sense”

  1. Brennan
    5. February 2014 at 14:32

    Turner going to charlotte is a great trade, we get a pick with an expiring ben gordon contract which could be flipped for more picks. At this point hinkie has a lot of options which is good for us sixer fans.

  2. Steve Toll
    5. February 2014 at 15:47

    Even though the odds of Portland’s 1st rd pick are less than 1% to deliver an average NBA starter at some point, its still significantly higher than ETs odd of becoming ~average.

    The reality is, Charlotte will go after Afflalo, JR Smith, Eric Gordon, or Mayo and then consider settling for Turner

  3. Alex
    6. February 2014 at 17:52

    Just let him walk this summer. Enough is enough.

  4. Alex
    6. February 2014 at 18:03

    This team is a mess.
    Tony Wroten needs to slow down and think a bit before having a turnover.
    MCW needs more confidence.
    Levoy and Hawes need to be packaged as Twin Towers for sale.
    Elliot Williams, Hollice T and Anderson are keepers.
    Please please please play Moultrie. He needs playing time NOW. Not next November!!!!
    What kind of advance stat told you to get rid of Dedmon??
    And Finally, make ET assistant GM. This way you will get ride of him!

  5. Steve Toll
    6. February 2014 at 20:54


    Wroten isn’t even 21. The only thing keeping him from really being useful is the 3.1 3pt shots he takes in the 24mpg he plays.
    He’s actually taken more shots at the rim than MCW in 300 less total minutes this year. Wroten is bad right now, but if he is going to take a step forward, it will be this summer

    MCW isn’t very good. He’s going to need a team with a group of elite offensive players to ever really be effective, think Rondo on the Celtics but he is drawing dead to be as good as Rondo.

    Lavoy isn’t worth anything. Hawes has trade value.

    Elliot Williams and James Anderson are NOT NBA PLAYERS, but Hollis Thompson can play.

    Moultrie probably should play

    Dedmon was not good, both the eye test and advanced stats agree.

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