Posted by: Philadunkia
12/08/09 3:51 pm EST

iversonhomecomingdriveEven though the 76ers screwed up by having Allen Iverson announced fourth during the starting lineup introductions, you can’t tell us that you didn’t cry just a little when Iverson jogged to center court, knelt down and kissed the 76ers logo…

In case you live under a rock and somehow missed it, the video is after the jump for your enjoyment.  Get out the Kleenex.



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  1. Allen Iverson is back, thankfully
    8. December 2009 at 20:11

    […] were talking about whatever it was they were talking about, my eyes were glued to the screen for AI’s re-introduction. I sat on the floor, right up close to the TV, and excitedly yelled “He’s kissing the logo! […]

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