Hawes is a C-YA

Posted by: C. Smith
02/20/14 10:50 am EST

hawesstpaddysdayIn case you have not been on Twittter in the last 20 minutes, the 76ers have traded center Spencer Hawes to the Cleveland Cavaliers , Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports is reporting.  League sources told Woj that the Sixers will receive two second-round draft picks in exchange for Spencer.

As we all know, Hawes is having a career year — 13 points and 8.5 rebounds — for the Sixers this season.  However, as we documented here at Philadunkia, Spence’s production dropped off in January, has hit rock bottom in February and he played simply awful vs. Cleveland the other night.

I guess Cleveland chose to ignore those facts.

I would love to see Dion Waiters reaction when he hears this news.

There is also two Cleveland players involved in the package for Hawes — Earl Clark and Henry Sims.  The fact that Sam Hinkie was able to pry two 2nd round picks as well as what are basically two expiring contracts out of Cleveland in exchange for Hawes is the work of a genius.

Clark has a  cap number of $4.25 million in 2014-15, but that 2014-15 money is not guaranteed if he is waived before July 7, 2014. Sims is  on the books for $900K next year, but his salary is also not fully guaranteed for 2014-15.

Hinkie will certainly make the necessary moves to get these guys of the 7-6’s cap number for next year.

If, as a source tells Yahoo Sports, the picks are in the second-round of the 2014 Draft than the Sixers will have 2 first round picks and 5 second round picks this June.  If the Cavs 33rd pick (current projected slot acccording to nbadraft.net) is included in this trade than the Sixers will have 4 picks inside the top 35 in the 2014 Draft.

The rumored deal would also put the Sixers roughly $13 million under the cap and allows them to take back a good deal of salary in a move to jettison Evan Turner for a 1st round pick.

Hawes, 25, has an expiring contract and will be a free agent this summer.

So who plays center for the 76ers during the remainder of the 2013-14 season?



Maybe Nerlens Noel for the last 20 games or so?


3 Responses to “Hawes is a C-YA”

  1. bill
    20. February 2014 at 11:04

    At the Cavaliers game, Arnette seems to be a physical presence attempting to figure out the game and a step slow. Until then, some playing time in the middle may be the appropriate suggestion. Hope Omer is not the trade for.

  2. NBA Genuine Draft
    20. February 2014 at 15:58

    Looking forward to the ET-to-Indiana article, which I’m sure is just moments away from being published.

  3. Alex
    20. February 2014 at 19:19

    Sam Hinkie did it again. 5 second round licks in 2014 and 2015 for ET Hawes and geting Minor. These will come out of Cavs, Indiana and Wiz. Thank you Sam.
    Also I have seen Sim play. He can be developed into a decent 2nd or 3rd center. I begin to feel Sixers are moving slowly but surety towards the championship summit. I’ll give it 3 years. Keep collocating currency Sam, we would need every bit of it!

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