Mexico 76ers Suns BasketballAs we all know the 76ers have lost 11 straight games and their record now stands at 5 wins and 17 loses.  During this streak the L’s have varied in nature from ugly to frustrating to down right gut wrenching. 

The recent stretch non-victories been brutal enough to make us here at Philadunkia reflect on the streak and compile a list “by the numbers’ as they say in Sports Illustrated, of notes, items and events that have happened in and around the League since the Sixers last won a game on November 18th.

iversonhomecomingdrive1…the number of sellouts at the Wachovia Center

2…the number of games played by Allen Iverson in his second go ‘round in Philly

3…the number NBA franchises that began play after 2003 which the Sixers have lost to during this streak

4…the percent according to Forbes magazine that the average worth of an NBA franchise is down this year

5…the number representing the average point differential between the Sixers and their victorious opponents (actually 5.9 per loss)

6…the number of games the NY Knicks have won

7…the number of 25+ point games young buck Kevin Durant has registered

8…the number of times Lebron has scored 25 points or more in a game

9…the number of L’s the Bulls have in their last ten games

10…the number of games the Lakers have won in a row.

11…the number of times we have cursed Ed Stefanski for taking Holiday and not going after Ty Lawson at the 2009 Draft

12…the number of teams that have put 120 or more points up in a game

13…the number of games Sixers rookie Jrue Holiday played in before injuring his rotator cuff on December 4th

14…the number (and counting) of women Tiger Woods has committed transgressions with (Sorry we couldn’t resist.)

15…the number of minutes before 6pm Iverson arrived at the Wachovia Center before his Sixers re-debut which tipped off a 7:05pm

16… the number of stories we read about how Brandon Jennings is the surprise rookie sensation in the NBA

17…the number of ppg. Rockets forward Carl Landry, one of the least hyped rising players in the League, averaged over this span

18…the number of minutes per game (almost) Willie Green is averaging in the two games since Iverson’s arrival.  Down from 39.5 per in the four runs previous to A.I. suiting up

19…the minimum number of points Philly’s own Tyreke Evans has scored for Sacto in his last 5 games (24.2 ppg. in that stretch)

20…the number of FGA per game D-Wade averaged while racking up eight 20+ point nights  

21…the number that when multiplied by 1,000 equals the number of people that were at the Wachovia Center to watch Iverson’s 76er debut Part Deux

22…the number that if you multiplied by 1,000 and then subtract 10,000 equals the number of people that were at the Wachovia Center to watch Iverson’s second game as a 76er Part Deux

23… the number of interviews we’ve seen or heard with Vincent Mallozzi the author of the new book “Doc: The Rise and Rise of Julius Erving

24… the number of Tweets per day Louis Williams is averaging since he broke his jaw and had it wired shut

25… the number of times we heard Kentucky’s John Wall’s name mentioned as the #1 pick in the 2010 Draft since his national breakout game at Madison Square Garden

30… the number of points (at least) Carmelo Anthony has put up six times

40… the number of times we wondered if the Sixers Dancers could play better defense then the 76ers

45…the number of minutes played by Willie Green and Royal Ivey combined since Iverson’s arrival back in Philly

50…the number (at least) of interviews we have seen or heard with Tim Donaghy regarding his scandalous new book

61…the number of games Greg Oden will miss after suffering yet another season ending injury

66…the number of points (total) the Hawks bench scored Wednesday night in a W over the Bulls

70… the number of ridiculous emails we received since the Iverson rumors started from clowns who think the addition of A.I. to Philly’s roster will retard the growth of the Sixers young players

76…the number of dollars it will cost you to watch the remaining 2009-10 Sixers games online and in HD at as announced this week by Comcast

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