How Do You Define “Success”?

josh-harris_600The 2013-14 season was quite the struggle for our Sixers as they finished out the year with a 19-63 record. This forgettable season included many players on 10-day contracts, a flury of deals at the NBA trade deadline and a 26 game losing streak.  Could this season really be considered a success?

Well, according to 76ers managing owner Josh Harris, this past season could be considered a “huge success”.

So, Josh Harris, you believe 19 wins in an 82 game schedule can be considered a success?  Sixers fans, the local main stream media and many on sports talk radio are quite upset at Josh Harris.  They have a right to be upset, but in all honesty, I agree with Josh Harris.  This season was a success for many reasons.

First and foremost, this season was all about starting the rebuilding process.  Many in Philadunkia nation realized that the team was going through a rebuilding year after trading away our best player in Jrue Holiday during the 2013 NBA draft.  The goal this season wasn’t winning, it was about rebuilding.  With every loss, we bettered our chances in attaining a high pick at the 2014 NBA Draft.  As the season came to a close, we solidified the 2nd worst record in the League.  Although the top pick isn’t promised to us, it sets us up nicely for the draft in June.  With the second best odds to attain the #1 pick in a loaded 2014 draft, we positioned ourselves to get a player who can become a difference maker for us down the road.  Potentially the Sixers will go into the 2014-15 season with four lottery picks from the past two NBA drafts.  Now that sounds like success to me.

Not only was this season about starting the rebuilding process, it was also about playing and developing our young talent.  Michael Carter-Williams has developed into the favorite for the Rookie of the Year award.  Nerlens Noel, although not seeing any playing time this season due to an ACL injury, has developed his game behind the curtain during practice sessions with Brett Brown.  Hollis Thompson, an undrafted rookie going into this season, has developed into one of the top rookie 3-point shooters in the League.  Henry Sims, the once unknown piece of the Spencer Hawes trade, has proven himself to be a solid center for the team.  The young guys really have taken a step forward in their development this season, and to me, that is another reason to call 2013-14 a success.

Success isn’t always measured with wins.  This season’s success was measured in development. This team’s goal was to rebuild, and with two Top 10 picks, the rebuilding process has the chance to be a quick one.  Josh Harris may have used the wrong words when defining the 2013-2014 Philadelphia 76ers, but he is looking big picture.  He sees championships in our future.  If this season was the first step in getting a championship basketball team back in Philadelphia, wouldn’t you consider it a success as well?


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