What Will the 76ers Do with Moultrie?

Posted by: Rich Iacuzio
04/23/14 12:29 pm EST

moultrieWhat will the 76ers do with Arnett Moultrie?

As well know, the former 1st round draft pick (27th overall in 2012 by the Miami Heat), was suspended on March 31st for violating the League’s drug ploicies.  The suspension capped off a two season roller coaster ride for Moultrie here in Philadunkia nation.

Since the suspension was announced, Arnett has completely fallen off the radar – outside of Instagram of course.  The season of the tank (which was a “huge success”) has come and gone, yet Sam Hinkie has had nothing to say about Moultire’s future with the Sixers.  In fact, outside of Brett Brown’s intial reaction to the suspension, “What I will say is, Arnett is still a part of the team and we will reach out to him and help him where we can,” it seems no one within the franchise is willing to acknowledge that Moultrie even exists anymore.

So is Arnett Moultrie a future 76er?


When Doug Collins and Rod Thorn traded for Moultrie at the 2012 Draft, they must have viewed the Mississippi State product as a serviceable big man who could contribute to the 2012-13 team.  However, we all know that Doug Collins is not fond of rookies and as a result Moultrie received limited minutes during his first year on the 76ers.  Thanks to infrequent playing time Moultrie averaged just 3.7 PPG and 3.1 RPG as a rookie.  But, Arnett did show flashes of potential, including two 14 point, 8+ rebound games in the final weeks of the 2012-13 season.  Still, with Andrew Bynum hurt for the entire season, and Spencer Hawes’ inconsistency, there are many who feel Arnett should’ve solidified himself into the rotation during that season.

Things just never clicked.  Throughout his rookie season there were questions about his motor.  At times, Moultrie looked uninterested.  If Coach Collins didn’t think a rookie was giving it your all out on the court, he would surely find your replacement somewhere on his bench.  Arnett spent time, along with Evan Turner, in Doug’s doghouse.

So let’s fast-forward to this season.  Moultrie had a new coach, yet seemed to have even more problems.  Arnett, being able to start fresh with a new coach, had ankle surgery before this year’s regular season started.  His ankle injury really hurt his chances to contribute to this rebuilding team.  With the power forward and center positions running thin, Moultrie had a chance to solidify his spot in the team’s rotation.  With the surgery sidelining him for the first half of the season, he missed his chance to make an impact and show the team he why he was considered a first round talent.

As Arnett began to make his way back, Coach Brown had a problem with his conditioning.  Brown wanted his players to be in the best shape of their lives, but Moultrie seemed to brush the coach’s requests to the side.  Since Arnett didn’t take Brown’s requirements seriously, he found himself on the bench for a few more weeks.  Shortly after expressing his frustration with the team, Moultrie finally received some playing time.

With very limited minutes (12 games — 15 mpg.), he didn’t really impress.  Of course, Being rejected by a trailing Gordon Hawyard didn’t help Moultrie’s case all that much either.  Soon enough, Coach Brown was sending out players on 10 day contracts rather than Arnett.  This was really telling.  Jarvis Varnado, who has been pretty decent during his time with the team, took playing time away from Moultrie. Brett Brown, to say the least, hasn’t been impressed with the 76ers second year player.

There were numerous rumors that Moultrie had an attitude problem and refuse to get on board with Brown’s program.  Soon Moultrie found himself in the D-League as a member of the Delaware 87ers.  Moultrie played in 8 games for the Sevens,  averaging 10.5 PPG and 4.5 RPG before getting suspended  5 games without pay for violating the NBA’s drug policy.  Arnett’s slide down a slippery slope within the 76ers organization had hit rock bottom.

So what happens next?

Since the team picked up Arnett’s contract, there is the chance that Moultrie will be with the team for, at least, one more season.  Does the front office see potential in his game and bring him to training camp?  Possibly.

Will Arnett’s recent suspension force the team to part ways with him through a buyout?  That’s the more likely scenario.

Arnett has had an interesting, albeit mosltly disappointing ride with the 76ers and now the question seems to be, ‘When will this drama end?’.


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5 Responses to “What Will the 76ers Do with Moultrie?”

  1. johnny
    24. April 2014 at 17:57

    Finally Doug Collins has been vindicated from Moultrie’s short comings. Folks blamed Collins for not giving Moultrie enough PT…But we are not privy to what Collins has to deal with. Moultrie to my knowledge never once came to camp in shape, he may have been respectful of management or late for meetings etc. I have a feeling that is what Doug had to deal with. We now learn he has failed THREE drugs tests. Come on now your making millions and you can’t stay away from the weed? Our men and women in the Armed Forces have to and make far far less.

    Really sad cause Moultrie had talent,lead the SEC in rebounding not Anthony Davis. Some people you just can’t reach…

  2. steve toll
    29. April 2014 at 10:10


    Why are you comparing the military and the NBA? Moultrie is a stud, gonna be an All-Star as soon as he leaves this team that is owned, ran, coached, and played for by a myriad of losers

  3. johnny
    29. April 2014 at 20:56

    Mr Steve,

    No question Moultrie was a stud! Like I said he lead SEC in rebounding not All Star Anthony Davis. Yah Doug Collins like Larry Brown were old school and believed rookies should pay their dues and certainly impeded his growth some. But come on now at this level it’s a business and young players must be professional. Arnett could of helped his own cause by at least coming to camp in shape and how bout being the first to work and the last to leave wouldn’t hurt either.

    Mr Moultrie rep is suffering with three fail drug tests now and GMs have little patience for spoiled athletes these days when there are other eager up start players looking to fill their positions. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make em drink… jw

  4. josh
    30. April 2014 at 10:25

    Moultrie will get traded for a 2nd round pick on draft day. He will eventually become a productive player but not on this team. This team will be built to run. Obviously, Arnett doesn’t like running his legs as much as his mouth.

  5. Skywalker
    1. May 2014 at 09:42

    I think Moultrie’s gonna be a Good role player and have a few really productive years……..Just not with Sixers….He’ll be another player the Sixers wished they’d not given up on!

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