DRAFT14: “Expert” Predictions at No. 3

Posted by: C. Smith
06/24/14 9:58 am EST

76ersaltlogoWith the 2014 NBA Draft just two days away, we though we would check in with the online mock drafts and review how Joel Embiid’s foot injury has impacted the “expert’s” for which direction the 76ers will go on Thursday night with the third pick.

Needless to say, Embiid’s injury has created a good deal of chaos for Sam Hinkie at the No. 3 spot.  Prior to Embiid’s injury and subsequent surgery, Hinkie was likely going to draft whichever Top 3 prospect — Embiid, Parker and Wiggins — was still on the board when the Sixers went on the clock. Now, all bets are off and the Sixers appear to be a the wildcard of the teams in the Lottery portion of the 2014 Draft.

Thus, when I gathered the “expert” opinions from around the world wide web, I was very surprised to discover only two schools of thought on what Hinkie will do on Thursday night.

The first school of thought holds the clear cut majority opinion and it’s Australian combo-guard Dante Exum

  • ESPN.com Insider has the 76ers selecting former Brett Brown pupil, Dante Exum.
  • Draftexpress.com also has Sam Hinkie grabbing Exum at No. 3.
  • CBSsports.com (Gary Parrish) is on the Exum to the Sixers bandwagon as well.
  • The Sporting News (Sean Deveney) predicts the Sixers to draft Exum.
  • Finally, SI.com (Chris Mannix) writes that the Sixers will grab Exum to form a backcourt that can create “havoc” with the bounce.
  • NBCSports (Via PBT Blog) has Exum going the Sixers.


The second popular opinion on which direction Sam Hinkie will go Thursday night may surprise you as it has the Sixers selecting the now injured Joel Embiid

  • nbadraft.net predicts the Sixers will take Embiid.
  • Yahoo Sports (Marc J. Spears) also forecasts the Sixers will take a gamble on Embiid.
  • Additionally USA Today (Adi Joseph) believes Hinkie will over look Embiid’s injury and make the former  Kansas center a 76er.


So, if you are Sam Hinkie and you had to chose between a 6-6, 19-year old Australian combo guard who can’t shoot from the outside and an injury prone center who is raw, but reminds scouts of Hakeem Olajuwon, who would you select with the third pick in the 2014 NBA Draft?


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3 Responses to “DRAFT14: “Expert” Predictions at No. 3”

  1. johnny w
    24. June 2014 at 17:37

    Wow! We’ll be expecting fireworks THURSDAY NIGHT. I’ve had the dreaded stress fracture myself (2nd metatarsal) and yeah it rots but not a show stopper…heck they said a modest four to six months? Joel Embiid with some heavy duty rehab could be ready opening day, why the panic. How about if Joel Embiid turns out to be a super star and we end up trading Noel. lol

    Just saying we all had to endure a painful season and we got to get a STAR out of this. Bit of a drop off after the big three: Embiid,Wiggins and Parker.

    For all you Dario Saric fans apparently he signed a three year contract to stay in Turkey. I bet he drops big time in the draft…first he says if he’s drafted by Celtics or Lakers he’d come. Would not burn a 1st rounder on him, too flaky. May be able to take a chance on him with a second rounder.

    Expect the unexpected DRAFT NIGHT! jw

  2. Alex
    24. June 2014 at 20:05

    Trade up. Give Thad, 32, and whoever else it takes.
    Take Exum.
    Remember Bynum when thinking of Emiid!! Once is enough to be stupid in this league!

  3. johnny w
    24. June 2014 at 23:10

    I’m all for trading up too, but please don’t give up our 3rd and 10th to Cleveland for a first. We endured a horrendous season for those two choice picks, record setting losing streaks, tanking jokes. Just not worth two lottery picks, they should both potentially be starters.

    Yes I remember Bynum…we should of known better in hind sight if the dang Lakers come a knocking. lol How did we fall for that again? Anyways Joel Embiid is way younger and more eager than Bynum ever was, plus he’ll be a big trading chip cause one of the NBA’s thirty teams wants a franchise center and will be willing to take a chance on him.

    Don’t think any of this will matter, believe we are pre destined to get our guy anyhow.

    The Hinkiemonster needs to have his best poker face and strategy going for us Thursday. Let it ride! jw

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