DRAFT14: Hinkie’s 2nd Round Gems

Posted by: Rich Iacuzio
06/30/14 9:14 am EST

2014sixers-pickseditedPhiladunkia nation fan there is very good chance that we won’t see our first round talents from the 2014 NBA Draft suit up for the team this year.  With Embiid nursing his broken foot for the next six to eight months and Saric playing in Turkey for at least the next two years, the only prospects from Draft14 we’ll see on the court next season will be those Sam Hinkie selected in the second round.

When all the wheeling and dealing was done last Thursday night, Hinkie ended up bringing home four 2nd round selections, and with the double tank…I mean…another rebuilding year coming up 2014-15, it’s highly likely that this group of second round picks will make the Sixers’ roster and one or two of them may even play significant minutes for Brett Brown this coming season.

With the 32nd selection of the 2014 NBA Draft, the Sixers selected KJ McDaniels from Clemson University.  The SF, considered a 1st round talent coming into the draft and was a steal for the Hinkie in the early 2nd round.  One thing that fans will like about McDaniels’ game will be that he thrives in an up-tempo style of play.  His defense leads to transition buckets as well.  Many scouts believe that his game is somewhat similar to that of Kawhi Leonard.  Coming into the League Leonard was considered more of a defensive player who needed to grow into his own on offense.  The same can be said for McDaniels.  If he can improve his shot, he could become a very valuable asset for Sam Hinkie and Co.

With the 39th pick in the draft, the Sixers selected Jerami Grant.  The Syracuse forward has drawn comparisons to Thad Young thanks to his current body type and skill level.  Grant is a special talent, because of his physical tools and athletic ability.  Like Thad, Grant can be considered a hybrid forward.  His quickness and agility can be used to create mismatches against a good number the League’s slower forwards.  Grant seems to strive in transition opportunities as he converted 68% of his FGAs on transition plays.  That is great news, Sixers fans.  Grant, during his first couple seasons with the Sixers will get playing time due to his crazy athleticism and aggressiveness.  He is a work in progress, but he has a chance to contribute in 2014-15.

One of my favorite moves in the 2nd round of the draft occurred when the Sixers traded their 47th pick (Russ Smith of Louisville) to the Pelicans for the rights to Pierre Jackson.  As you may recall, Hinkie drafted Jackson with the 42nd pick in the 2013 NBA Draft and dealt him the Pelicans as part of the Jrue Holiday trade.  Jackson spent most of last season in the D-League, where he averaged 29 ppg. for the Idaho Stampede.  Pierre can surely help the team this year, especially on the offensive side of the ball.  Even though he is a bit smaller side for a lead guard, he knows how to put the ball in the basket.  He also can facilitate on offense as well, averaging over 6 apg. during his time in Idaho.  I’m sure Pierre will be very exciting on the court for us this season.  I think we’ve found a nice back up for Michael Carter-Williams.

The first international prospect taken in the 2nd round for the Sixers was Vasilije Micic, the PG out of Serbia who was ranked #4 on the International prospect list.  Known for his tremendous passing skills, Micic will be a steal if he ever comes over to American to compete in the NBA.  Micic has great for a point guard.  Being 6’6” will help him see over defenses and make incredible passes.  Hopefully one day Micic will make his way over to the Association so we can have the chance to see his superior passing ability.


With the Sixers final 2nd round pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Hinkie selected Jordan McRae. The Tennessee senior is another athletic guard who can shoot the ball with consistency.  McRae has a chance to be a good player in the NBA due to his quickness, athleticism, and shooting ability.  McRae averaged 18.5 PPG during his senior season as Tennessee.  With all of the uncertainty around the team’s roster, McRae has a good chance at becoming this 2014-15’s version of Hollis Thompson.



Hinkie did a tremendous job with all of the franchise’s second round selections at the 2014 Draft.  One trend that we are beginning to see is that Hinkie really enjoys stockpiling athletic guards.  With the amount of playing time that could be available during another rebuilding campaign, some of these players will receive quality minutes this season and have a chance to prove they belong in the League.  Hopefully some of them will be able to develop into consistent players for the future.

Overall, I’d give the Sixers a “B” for their 2nd round picks and I look forward to seeing who in this group can contribute to the 76ers over the long haul.



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8 Responses to “DRAFT14: Hinkie’s 2nd Round Gems”

  1. johnny w
    30. June 2014 at 18:21

    Yepper! Either GRANT or McDANIELS should start and get major minutes. I once saw GRANT at 17 on a mock draft. lol I’m optimistic in having EMBIID in action around 2015, both NOEL and EMBIID should be down right nasty around the basket.

    The smoothest move in the entire draft is when our Hinkiemonster got over on the MAGIC. tee hee Pulling off two picks for sliding back a mire two slots. lol Should ease the pain for losing Nikola Vucevic to them.

    We are all getting a feel for what type of player fits Coach Brown and Hinkiemoster mold…long limbs, athletic and a knack for steals. When you look closer at the steals stat it’s not just the steals, but it reflects a mentality or a keen awareness in the basketball players IQ. Hence, Thad Young is still with the team.

    I with everyone looking forward to Noel Nerlens debut! jw

  2. Alex
    30. June 2014 at 21:00

    I think Sam did real well in Round 2.
    I really like KJ McDaniels. He is a terrific defensive player that can learn offence and contribute to the offence on a limited bases. I have watched a few Clemson games and this kid can block much taller guys with authority.
    I am also cautiously optimistic on Grant. He needs development.
    I am holding judgment on Micic and McRae. I not sure if they make the roster.
    Finally, Jackson is a steal. Watch this kid. He reminds of Iverson.

  3. johnny W
    1. July 2014 at 01:56

    For all you James Anderson fans apparently he was released tonight, I have mixed emotions on that news bite…slightly surprised too, had grown fond of ole James, I guess his age (25 yrs) worked against him. Thanks for your effort Mr. James and we’ll never forget the night you gave the Houston Rockets 36 points. lol

    K.J. McDaniels should start now…and HECK YEAH he can block shots, I believe I read somewhere he holds the Clemson Tigers single season record for blocked shots? Surpassing ex SCRUB SIXER Sharron Wrights tally! lol

    Yep the Hinkiemonster see’s something in Pierre Jackson apparently…I know for fact he gave the Idaho Stampede 58 points in a D League game. lol

    Starting to get interesting…I believe in systems and love when a plan comes together. jw

  4. Gregory
    1. July 2014 at 05:18

    Hinkie’s a jack-**.
    He must go and go quickly. He’s running this club like a Developmental League team constantly spinning his wheels. We the fans are paying for this. It’s a laughing stock. Go back to Houston Hinkie and destroy that team, not ours. I’ve been a Sixers fan since 1966 and even in the worst times I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s incredibly strange. I wan’t my Sixers back!

  5. Go after Wiggins
    1. July 2014 at 17:26


    I completely disagree with your last comment. Hinkie has a plan that we might agree upon or not. Leading requires a plan. These are exciting times in Philly because we could see something special here in the next few years. The cap space we have and the young talent we have provides itself to something that could be great in the future. I would like to see the sixers sign some scorers without overpaying them. I cannot wait to see Noel in the summer league.

  6. johnny w
    1. July 2014 at 22:02

    I feel your pain…I too started my fascination with the SIXER’S hearing about the epic battles between Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain during grade school. Not saying I’m the greatest fan, but I was in row seven the night Hal Greer scored his 20,000 point? Managed to get Ben Hawkins and Leroy Keyes autograph too. lol

    Your frustration may be miss placed however…Hinkiemonster just inherited this disater. When we threw in the towel on Elton Brand, Iggy, Lou Williams, Spencer Hawes, Jrue Holiday and company for the Andrew Bynum pipe dream. Who knows how well that club may have fared…

    Anyways…if we were to plug in a couple of free agents today we’d make the playoffs…but the vision is down the road a piece…when we will go from the hunted to the HUNTERS! Then maybe just maybe Philly can enjoy a dynasty like other cities

    Then we will celebrate together! lol

  7. Chris H.
    2. July 2014 at 11:05

    I know that there are a lot of what-if’s, but to hear that Embiid would relish in becoming a PF and Noel be the center, I get goose-bumps. I agree with Johnny W in that maybe we pick up a FA with a serviceable contract to play the 2, and have the rookies play a significant role. Hell, even taking out the fact that we got our #1 pick back from Orland, which I think is being severly underrated, I believe that our 2nd rounders could work out really well for us. Potential SF in KJ McDaniels, back up SF with Grant, not to mention nice PG backups. Gregory, just have patience man, we might be a laughing stock now, but in about 2-3 years, we will become the new Indiana or possibly OKC.

  8. Tony
    2. July 2014 at 12:52

    These 2nd rounders are incredible athletes, but where are the ball skills?

    Sixers still don’t have anyone who can get a shot in iso’, whether driving or pulling up and shooting a mid- to long-range jumper.

    That’s why I don’t agree with the 2014 draft at all.

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