holidaypacksIt’s Christmas Eve Day and with our presents all bought and wrapped, we’re kicking back here at the Philadunkia offices with a little Holiday luncheon-thing as we get ready to hang with family for the next couple of days.

But before we go, we wanted to send a last second 76ers wish list to ol’ St. Nick up at the North Pole because to be honest the home team needs his help.  Philadunkia believes that Sixers fans have been pretty good this year and that Santa Claus should come through for us on at least a couple of the items on this list.


In the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas, Philadunkia’s wish list contains twelve items.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  1. That once Allen Iverson is healthy and the Sixers full roster is available, Eddie Jordan picks a first-five, a second unit, as well as roles for his specialists ,and stays with those lineups for the rest of the season so this team can finally gel.
  2. That Louis Williams will learn the fundamentals of solid defense such as: see your man and the ball; don’t leave your feet; when your man has the rock watch his jersey number, not the ball or his feet; and lastly as Booby Knight always says, “Hand up, ass down.  Your hand is not attached to your ass, so just because your hand goes up, doesn’t mean you come out of your defensive stance.”
  3. That Willie Green will realize no matter how many times Eddie Jordan starts him, that at best he is a streaky shooting NBA role player and thus start attempting an appropriate number of shots per game for his talent level.
  4. That AI9 will cut down on the number of 3PAs he is hoisting up and rediscover his dribble-drive game.
  5. That Ed Stefanski has the courage and basketball knowledge to put his friendship with Eddie Jordan aside and fire Jordan before this season is lost for good.
  6. That Thad will continue to open up games like gangbusters, but stop disappearing in the second half.
  7. That as a team the Sixers will learn the difference between good shots and ill-advised shots and start knocking the good looks down.
  8. That Allen Iverson has at least one more “ESPN Classic” worthy moment in a Sixers uniform.
  9. That the very talented and developing rookie Jrue Holiday does not get buried on the bench behind a defensive liability (LW), a role player (WG) and an aging Sixers icon (AI).
  10. That Mo Speights’ knee truly gets healthy, so that we can stop watching nervously as he limps through games.
  11.  That Ed Stefanski finds someone to take Sammy Dalembert and his anchor of a contract off our hands.  Right now Portland and Houston would seem like the right places to call first.
  12. That if somehow Eddie Jordan does manage to hold onto his job, that he will quit worrying about putting “shooters” on the floor and start playing guys who score and can get stops.

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