jazzboozerThe 76ers came into Utah after four days off during which Eddie Jordan supposedly held a mini “defensive training camp”.  Well Jordan may want to hire someone else to run his next “defensive training camp” because after the Sixers effort on that end of the floor Saturday night against the Jazz, it’s obvious that his pupils learned nothing.  

Most disturbing for us here at Philadunkia was the ease with which the Jazz, specifically Deron Williams and AK47, penetrated the lane for buckets or to drop a dime to a waiting big.  The Jazz scored 44 points in the paint thanks to the Sixers inability to protect the lane.  The Sixers perimeter defense and help rotations have been horrible all year and one could argue that we should NOT have been so disturbed by the ease with which the Jazz got to the rim.  However, the spacing, cuts and dribble-drives used by the Jazz made the Sixers look so silly at times that we couldn’t help but get angry.

In addition to their 44 points down low, Utah had 26 fastbreak points, handed out 24 dimes and shot 52% from the field.  Translation: the Sixers clueless D gave up a lot of lay-ups, alley-oops and bunnies.  You don’t win games in the NBA when your defense is that poor. 

Just how bad was the Sixers defense?  Well during the Sixers – Jazz highlight package shown on NBA TV and now available online there was a clip of a D-Will drive and lay-in after which the NBATV anchor reading the play-by-play flat out said, “no defense there.”

The fact that the Sixers laid down like dogs on defense in the first game after Eddie Jordan’s self proclaimed four-day “defensive training camp” is a sign to us that Jordan has completely lost this team.


Philadunkia Notes:   

  • Is it possible that Deron Williams is underrated?  It’s an argument we have here at Philadunkia on a weekly basis.  It’s no secret that he is very, very good, but in the “best points in the League” conversations he always seems to fall behind guys like Tony Parker, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd.  While we agree that all of those players are elite point men, we must disagree that any of them is better then D-Will.  Outside of Chris Paul, we’d argue there isn’t a better point guard in the NBA then Williams.
  • The Sixers only had 13 fastbreak points.
  • Can anyone tell us why in a season that is already lost, Eddie Jordan continues to start Willie Green?  We know what WG brings to the table and he is not the future of this franchise.  Jrue Holiday on the other hand is the future floor general of the Sixers.  Holiday should be starting and playing as many minutes as possible so that he gets some solid experience and is ready to be in the first-five and contribute in a big way from the jump in 2010.
  • Speights had a nightmare 0-8 night.  It’s our opinion that he is visibly favoring the knee he injured and that limp is affecting his balance on his shots.  
  • AI9’s drive and “cup it” dunk in the 2nd Q was ridiculous.  In the half-court sets, we’d like to see Iggy take the ball to the rack with that type of authority more often.
  • The Sixers were 3-for-23 shooting in the 4th Q.
  • The Jazz shot 6-11 from 3-ball territory

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