82875250JG002_Sixers_PCIt took 32 games for it to happen, but someone in the “mainstream media” finally had the smarts to write an article heavily criticizing the coaching job Eddie Jordan has done with the 76ers this season.  Jordan’s double speak, questionable lineup choices and overall sub-par performance at the helm of the Sixers has been a topic we have discussed many times in our posts here at  So it is with great pleasure that we announce…Kate Fagan of the Inqy finally came to her basketball senses and wrote a solid piece on the losing and often mysterious ways of Coach Jordan.

Fagan, who we consider to be a very knowledgeable basketball scribe, writes…“The 76ers can’t dream of contending this season, but they shouldn’t be a 9-23 team, either; they shouldn’t be the second-worst team in the Eastern Conference. They should be better, a second-tier playoff team at worst, a squad that competes nightly and wins half the time.”

We could not agree more.  Read the rest of Fagan’s article from today’s Inqy here.  Our only question is how much longer will it take Ed Stefanski to come to his senses and find a new coach for this team?!?

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