We thought the drama this photo and this video generated on Monday here in Philly would have died down by now, but it seems that the folks on the radio and people on the street are not willing to let it go, so we now have to address it.  

In case you missed it — which to be honest we did Sunday night and we had to check our Tivo’d copy of Sunday’s 76ers game to believe it— in the wake of the Eagles drubbing at the hands of the hated Dallas Cowgirls, Allen Iverson showed up for the Sixers game at Denver on Sunday night wearing a Dallas ski cap.

Are we disappointed in Allen?…Yes.  Is it just wrong?…Absolutely.  Are we surprised?…Hardly.  Should all of us here in Philadunkia nation care?…Not at all. 

How can we say that you ask?  Well because we’ve been down this road before with Iverson.  If you remember in his first tenure with the 76ers, Allen wore a Bill Russell Celtics jersey to a press conference.  When his hideous attire featuring possibly the best player in the history of the Boston Celtics, the 76ers fiercest and longest rival, generated questions from the media and severe backlash from the public, Allen was in disbelief.  In fact we would be more likely to categorize Allen’s reaction as shocked that people in Philadelphia were making such a huge ordeal out of his choice of throwback jerseys.  But to say that Allen actually cared what we thought of his wardrobe would be a mistake. 

Whatever caused Allen to wear that stupid Dallas Cowboys ski cap is a mystery to us.  Seeing as he is a Hampton Roads, VA native, a Redskins cap would have made more sense.  Then again Allen belongs to a generation of NFL fans among which many have no soul.  You know the guys we are talking about.  The ones that no matter where they are originally from or where they currently reside, claim to love the Cowpokes and have since they were little kids.  Just look  at how many disgusting Dallas fans between the ages of 30 and 40 years old are in the City Brotherly Love.  It’s practically an epidemic here in Philly.  So like that clown in your office or your chuckle-head neighbor maybe Allen grew up rooting for “America’s Team”. 

Look, it’s pretty clear that Allen’s allegiances to pro sports teams are all over the map.  We’ve seen Allen rock everything from New York Yankee hats to a McNabb jersey to a LA Dodger cap to Atlanta Falcons swag to a Milwaukee Bucks throwback to a Montreal Canadians hat, so to us this story is old news and it’s why we did run with it on Monday.   In our opinion the gear Allen wears really appears to be more about fashion, paying tribute to other athletes who are his friends or possibly even having some fun with the Philadelphia sports faithful.  To see this an opportunity to question his loyalty to Philadelphia is ridiculous.

Allen’s tear filled reunion press conference and his gesture of kissing the 76ers logo during his Sixers re-debut should be enough proof for anyone that Allen loves this organization, this city and the Sixers fans.

To be honest we have bigger things to worry about.  Like getting Eddie Jordan fired.

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