To be honest with you, we only watched the 76ers game last night during commercials of the Eagles debacle, so we had to fire up the TIVO this morning to catch the full version of the W in Detroit.  As we’ve said before, we’ll take wins any way we can get ’em at this point in the season, but it is hard to drum up any real excitement about a victory over the Pistons that extended the loosing streak of one of the worst teams in the League to 12 games.  However, one thing the TIVO revealed to us which we are very excited about, is that apparently some marching orders have been handed down to Eddie Jordan from Ed Stefanski and his superiors.

We say this for two reasons.  The first is that Elton Brand was clearly designated as option #1 on offense against the woeful Pistons.  Despite only playing 29 minutes (Which still remains a mystery to us.), Brand hit for 25 points on 10-16 shooting.  Detroit’s interior defense is horrific and any reasonable coach should have known that fact going into Detroit and exploited it by pounding the ball inside.  But we all know that’s not how Jordan rolls, and pounding the rock into the post is not in his vocabulary.  So we have to conclude that Stefanski stepped in either before the team left for Detroit or on the plane ride to Motown and instructed Jordan of his offensive game plan for last night’s contest.  Hell, Jordan even went as far as to praise Brand’s efforts last night in the post-game presser.  So you know something is up here. 

Just a little FYI on Brand…In the Sixers last five wins, Brand is averaging only 29.8 minutes but still hitting for 20.6 points & 6.6 boards per game on 61.5 % shooting from the field.  Maybe it’s time to trash the Brand coming of the bench idea and put the big man in the starting lineup and see what EB is really capable of giving this team.  

Which leads us to the second point we were excited to see the TIVO reveal to us.  Here at Philadunkia we have been begging for Jordan to start and give significant minutes to a more defensive minded lineup.  For us the ideal first-five for the Sixers that could accomplishing this task would consist of  Holiday, Iguodala, Thad, Brand and Dalembert.   Now we know Thad is often a liability and Brand has his struggles on D as well, but we believe this is the most balanced lineup the Sixers can run with on a nightly basis.  It provides firepower on offense and some resistance at the other end of the floor.  It’s a lineup that Jordan would never choose to put out on the court on his own as it doesn’t contain enough “shooters” and also includes Brand. 

Well, all of our hoping and praying paid off last night as we finally got to see our Sixers dream team out on the floor for extended minutes.  We actually couldn’t remember this group playing together previously in 2009-10, we’re working on actual data to prove our point.  So the directive to run this five together had to come from the higher ups down at the Wachovia Center.

The result of these moves from above was that the Sixers got a big night from their $80 million man, they held a team under 100-points for the first time in seven games and they secured a road W.

Thus we say congrats to Ed Stefanski who pulled the strings on Jordan and dictated the Sixers to a much needed W.  Keep up the good work Stefanski.

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