Obviously there are numerous trade rumors floating around the NBA involving just about everyone on the Sixers roster.  That’s how it goes in the NBA when you are a seriously underachieving team.  Now Ed Stefanski has publicly stated there are, “no untouchables” on the Sixers roster.

Dei Lynam at writes that so many changes — trades, coaching move, a new GM — could hapeen with the Sixers in the next couple of weeks, that it’s hard to see what the future holds for the 76ers.

Kate Fagan of the Inqy, the only mainstream writer who has been critical of Eddie Jordan and the 76ers this season notes that based on the body actions and facial expressions she observed in the latest Sixers loss, that the team mentally “checked out” during the Milwaukee game.

Two great posts from Brian over at  The first tackles in detail one of our favorite topics, the poor coaching  job Eddie Jordan has done.  In the second great post from Brian, he feels we are all “being cheated” by the limited minutes Jrue Holiday is receiving.  We’ll second that idea.  This season is toast, let the rookie play and take his lumps.

The Sixers Dance Team is being featured on  Check out his line…”The team is terrible and the weather is worse.  Thank god for dancers like…” 

Have some fun with’s “Mock Lottery Draft”.  It took us five attempts to get the Sixers to come up at #1 where they could then select John Wall. puts out its “Mid-season Report Cards”.  Trust us when we say that you would not show the grade the Sixers received to your parents.

Via twitter we learn that Royal Ivey cooked chicken meatloaf last night while listening to Jadakiss.

76ers play-by-play Marc Zumoff blogs that Brand’s missed bunny in Milwaukee represents how this whole season has gone for the Sixers.

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