As you may recall a couple weeks back Philadunkia posted an interview with our favorite ESPN NBA analyst, Tim Legler.  Yesterday Legler called into the Mike Missanelli show on 950 ESPN radio here in Philadelphia to of course discuss the sad state of the 76ers. 

Missanelli and Legler covered a lot of the same topics we did in our interview with Legs, but Mikey Miss also touched on a few issues that have developed since we spoke with the Big 5 Hall of Fame guard / NBA analyst.

After the jump are some of the better excerpts from Legler’s interview yesterday on 950 ESPN radio.

On the idea that you can see the Sixers players are not happy and that Jordan has possibly lost this squad…

Legler : Spend five minutes around an NBA team and you can see it.  I have been on teams like that and I’ve been on other teams that even though we weren’t playing well, we were committed to each other and to the coach and to what we were trying to do.  So it’s not just about losing, it’s about a relationship a team has with its coach and I think that is the thing that will make a team splinter faster then anything.  There could be teams that continue to lose games in this League, but continue to stay on the same page because you know that you are building towards something.  I don’t think this team views itself as building towards anything.  I think it’s a day-to-day chaotic situation where guys head to the arena…and don’t exactly know what’s about to take place.  That’s a bad feeling as a player.  The best thing you want and need as player is security, a piece of mind, continuity…and you at least feel that there is a system in place so that when you go to the arena, you know what to expect and that’s a tremendous amount of piece of mind that players get from that and I don’t feel that this team really feels that way right now.  I’m not going to come on here and just trash Eddie Jordan.  I’ve known Eddie Jordan a while.  I like him a lot, but what he has tried to implement with this team has not really taken hold with the personnel and what I think you’re seeing right now is guys starting to question the complete direction of everything…

On whether or not this team should make a trade and clear some cap space in the next two weeks…

Legler : It’s time for this team to do what it has to, if they have to hit rock bottom, then hit rock bottom.  The team as it is constituted is not going to be in contention at anytime with this core nucleus over the next four of five years…You’ve got to be willing to do it.  It’s the one thing that the Sixers as opposed to some other teams in this League have not been willing to do.  In the last decade they’ve tried to tinker and not totally rebuild, but change coaching and change philosophy while trying to stay competitive all the time and they haven’t been (competitive).  At some point you have to go ‘Okay here’s the guys we have signed to make up who our franchise is led by – Iguodala, Brand and Dalembert’.  If you realize that’s not going to take the team where you want it to be and you have an opportunity to move those guys and get someone back who creates some flexibility for you so you can get out from under the constraints and confinement that happens when you sign bad NBA contracts.  If you’re not willing to do that then you’re going to continue to suffer…

Legler also said that he thinks if given the chance to trade AI9 and Sammy for Tracy McGrady’s expiring contract that for the Sixers, “It’s a deal you have to make, you got to pull the trigger.” 

Additionally, Legler commented on the rumors that the Sixers would also get talented Rockets point man Aaron Brooks in such a deal, “They got rid of Rafer Alston so they could keep Aaron Brooks and all the guy has done since then is average 17, 18 points a game and become a guy who is on the second shelf in terms of the top point guards in the League and a crowd favorite.  Why would they want to move a player like that?  It doesn’t make any sense what so ever (for the Rockets).”    

You can listen to the entire interview by clicking here.

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