NOTES, LINKS & TWEETS says that Allen Iverson and Louis Williams were excused from practice this morning. 

By posting a Twit-pic on his Twitter account, Louis provides evidence that he has the flu.

But Kate Fagan of the Inqy Tweets that Iverson was back at practice today.

The Phoenix Suns had scouts at the 76ers – Hornets game on Friday night to watch AI9.

Yahoo’s Kelly Dwyer author of their basketball blog “Ball Don’t Lie” comments on the AI9 for Amare trade.  Among Dwyer’s wise words, “The Suns, apparently, are willing to break the bank for this guy.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, a trade with Dallas involving Iggy, Elton Brand or Sammy Dalembert seems unlikely as it would “clog” the Mavs payroll for years.  

A possible deal with the Suns where Amare comes to Philly for Iggy and Sammy is still in play, but the Sixers and PHX have different idea on what fringe players should be included to make it work.

At you can sign a petition to get Eddie Jordan fired.  Shockingly only 194 people have signed it to date.

At you can also purchase a “Fire Eddie Jordan” T-Shirt.

Those last two links came courtesy of Googling “Fire Eddie Jordan”.  The list of available links is very long.

According to Twitter, Stephen A. and the Inqy appear to have kissed and made up.  The result is this re-debut story by Stephen A. on the idea that the Sixers are going  no where.  Really?!  You don’t say?!  Gee, thanks for that in-depth insight.  We love Stephen A. here at Philadunkia, but that’s coming out of the gate with some weak sh**.

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