It’s halftime of the T-Wolves at 76ers game and with Philadunkia’s home team having scored a season-high 73 points in the 1st half and leading the Wolves by 22 points at the break, we started cruising the world wide web.  Hey, what can we say, we’re confident the Sixers will NOT blow a 20-point lead to Minnesota twice inside of a month. 

Anyways, we stumbled across an interesting post at AOL’s Fanhouse on Andre Iguodala that we wanted to pass along.  The post which was written by their NBA blogger Bethlehem Shoals, basically compares AI9 to Lamar Odom in that both were miscast as superstars in waiting during the early part of their careers. 

The post asserts that both Odom and AI9 as well as their respective teams (Heat & 76ers) would have been better served if these players had been groomed in the mold of a Scottie Pippen-like wingman to an NBA superstar or even possibly as a third option.

Here’s one of the better quotes from the post…

“…Andre Iguodala is at a crucial juncture in his career. He’s been pigeonholed, due to certain facets of his game, context, and the contract he signed (can you blame him for that?), as your typical athletic swingman. However, if he accepts a demotion of sorts — one he himself might be willing to — we’ll get to see that Andre Iguodala is in fact a far more complex, and valuable, player. In this case, we’re being kept from realizing that Iguodala offers more because he’s being typecast as a false superstar…”

It’s an interesting philosophy that we believe actually has some merit with regards to Iguodala as it has become painfully clear that he is not capable of being a #1 option and carrying a franchise.  You can read the entire Shoals post on Iguodala here.

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