Last night’s loss at Toronto was one hell of a roller coaster ride for the 76ers (full game recap coming) and no player better exemplified the drastic up and down night it was for Philadunkia’s home team then Louis Williams. 

Louis scored 26 points against the Raptors last night on 9-13 shooting.  Twenty -two of those points came in the second half and were key to the Sixers ability to comeback from a 23 point deficit and tie the game at 93-93.  At one point in the 3rd Q, Louis scored 10 straight points for the Sixers.  Amazingly enough, he accomplished the same scoring feat in the 4th quarter. 

But as we said above, along with the high moments Louis displayed last night there also came so lows.  Unfortunately for the Sixers those ill-advised plays by Louis came with less the two minutes to play in a close game; a.k.a. “clutch time”.  Well some Sixers fans didn’t take to kindly to Louis’ decision making down the stretch and hit Twitter to express their frustrations.  As everyone in Philadunkia nation knows, #23 is an avid Twitter fan, and Louis fired back through his TeamLou23 account.


First let’s review the string of events that inspired Sixers fans to post their issues with Louis play in the 4th Q…

  • At the 1:27 mark, with the Sixers trailing 97-93,  Louis forced a fade away jumper from the corner that hit the side of the backboard. 
  • On the following Sixers offensive possession, Louis left his feet either in an attempt to throw a pump fake, throw a pass or shoot the ball.  Whatever his intent, Louis got caught in the air without a clue and was forced to simply dump the ball on the floor.  Initially the referees mistakenly called Louis for a traveling violation, which the play was not, as he dropped the ball on the deck before his feet landed.  They corrected the call and bailed Louis out by declaring that the whistle had blown inadvertently and in the appearance of fair play, the refs went with a jump ball.
  • After Elton Brand stole the jump and the Sixers controlled the ball, Louis was handling the pill too much and got stripped by Toronto’s Antoine Wright.  The Raps pushed tha ball up the floor and on the secondary break, PG Jarrett Jack found Andrea Bargnani for a 3-ball…100-93 — GAME OVER. 

Again some Sixers fans were not too  happy with the play of Louis Williams down the stretch and posted these requests on Twitter  that Louis be traded.  Apparently the posts got under Louis’ skin and the 5th year guard fired back with the following Tweets…

“@soundsofphilly. @myphilaeagles… lol. i dont like yall no more then yall like me… lets be clear about that”


“philly fans that want me traded. would u believe that??? or so they call themselves that.”

One final note…It’s interesting to see that former 76er and current Raptor Reggie Evans jumped into the online conversation and Tweeted the following to Louis…

“@TeamLou23 I know myboy keep your head up and stay doing what u did 2night and it will work out for u trust me. But u and I know its some BS”

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