Obviously there have been close to 100 or so trade rumors involving the 76ers over the last couple of weeks, but here’s one we had not heard or read at all until today.  It’s one of the more interesting Andre Iguodala trade rumors we have heard as it would free up some cash for the Sixers and also return a player who has been an enigma so far in his short NBA career, but is also a player with, and here it comes, the much feared p-word…”potential”. 

It’s a three team deal that in essence would send AI9 to the Suns; Amare to Miami; and Michael “B-Easy” Beasley to Philadelphia.  A lot of minor pieces would have to be involved to make it work from a cap standpoint, but it probably doesn’t matter now as ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher reports the Sixers killed the deal.  Which some of us here at Philadunkia were a little shocked by. 

We’ll be the first to admit that Beasley is not the all-around player that Iguodala currently is for the Sixers.  In fact it’s not even close as of right now.   Additionally you could argue that Beasley is the same player as the Sixers Thaddues Young, so why add another scoring small forward.  We also realize that Beasley has been a roller coaster ride on the court over his first two years and that’s he’s had significant issues off the court.  Despite all of this, we’d still be very interested to see what kind of offensive numbers Beasley (15 points & 6 rips per game currently) could put up if he didn’t have to defer the rock every night to an All-Star caliber player such as Dwyane Wade.  Plus Beasley is only 21 years old and is still under his rookie contract (2 yrs. @ $4.6 million per remaining), so if the Sixers do not like what they see over the next year or so, the lefty forward could easily be moved at the 2011 trading deadline. 

The Sixers would also get some cap space in this deal as either Miami’s “Q” Richardson and his $8.7 million expiring contract or Udonis Haslem and his $7.1 million expiring contract would certainly have to be involved to make the dollars work.  If you combine this deal with another trade that moves Sammy D and his awful contract, the Sixers would be in decent shape to be a player in this summer’s free agent market.’s “Inside the NBA” scribe Chris Manixx writes that as the trade deadline approaches, there is a “fire sale” down at the Wachovia Center.

In Dallas over the weekend’s Dei Lynam reported that Amare would not mind coming to Philly.  Amare told Lynam, “I think Philly has great pieces on that team, great players that can make that a big-time playoff caliber team.  With the addition of myself hopefully I can improve the program…”

Over at, the Sixers have climbed to #20 in the weekley power rankings.

Royal Ivey lets us know via Twitter that he is on his way back to Philly via O’Hare in Chitown.

Also via Twitter, AI9 is catching the “Cake Boss” marathon.

After watching the questionable shooting skills show during the NBA 3-point contest, we have to ask…How was the Sixers Jason Kapono not invited to participate?

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