There’s really not much to say about last night’s debacle down at the Wachovia Center.  The 76ers (20-33) simply got worked, smacked and man-handled at home by a solid, but certainly beatable Miami Heat squad.  Given the way the Sixers played going into the All-Star break, to say that last night’s effort was disappointing is a gross understatement. 

You can blame the disaster that was the Sixers last night on any number of items: ice cold shooting, ole’ defense, poor execution, horrific lineup choices by the coach or the inability to sniff let alone grab a rebound.  These ills have plagued the 76ers all year and the fact that they all came together in basketball’s version of  the “Perfect Storm”  that resulted in a 30-point loss is of no great shock to us.  The only thing that amazes us is that it took this long for it to happen — again.   

We wrote weeks ago that we had raised the white flag for the 2009-10 season on-the-court and that we were pinning our hopes on personnel moves that established a solid future to keep this season from becoming a complete waste.  So just as we did not get too excited about the five game winning streak the Sixers recently enjoyed, we’re not going to get too fired up about what was arguably the worst Sixers losing effort of the year. 

However, what we are getting fired up about is the growing idea that the Sixers will NOT be major players in the Thursday trade deadline festivities.  We can tolerate a disgusting season like we are experiencing right now with the Sixers if when all is said and done it helps lead to a better future.  If the franchise were to clear cap space in order to be a factor in the free agent market this summer or acquire a young player that the Sixers can potentially build around, then we’ll swallow the bitter pill that is the 2009-10 season.  But after talking with front office people from two Eastern Conference teams yesterday and learning that the Sixers are “less the 50-50” to make a major trade by Thursday’s deadline and then reading the same info from “NBA Insider’s ” all over the world wide web today, it has become very apparent to us that the Sixers are unfortunately not going to accomplish either of the previously listed moves and thus make 2009-10 digestable. 

So if there are no changes by the Sixers over the next 48 hours, what is the incentive for Philadunkia nation to hang in through this awful season and come back in 2010-11?  It’s obvious to even the most casual Sixers fan that with its current roster and this head coach, that 76ers organization is going nowhere.  It’s time for a change, multiple changes in fact, as that’s way you rebuild in today’s NBA.  Give us a sign, some ray of hope, some indication that this franchise has a plan for getting better on-the-court and in return you’ll get our allegiance for the foreseeable future.

It’s really not much to ask and if General Manager Ed Stefanski is going to stick with his crazy trading deadline notions he’s been spouting to the press lately and in the end stand pat, then there is no hope for next season and Ed “The Chairmen” Snider should step in and change Stefanski’s employment status at 3601 South Broad Street.

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