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02/18/10 2:40 pm EST

Well, it’s certainly not the blockbuster, cap space freeing deal that we demanded, but at least Ed Stefanski didn’t get shut out…

ESPN.com’s Chad Ford is reporting that  Milwaukee Bucks and  our Philadelphia 76ers have finalized a deal that will send Jodie Meeks, Francisco Elsonand to the Sixers for Primoz Brezec , Royal Ivey and a a second-round pick.  Meeks, a 6-4, 208 pound rookie shooting guard out of Kentucky was selected with the 41st pick in the 2009 NBA Draft by Milwaukee.  Meeks has seen action in 41 games this season for the Bucks and is playing 11.9 minutes of run a night.  The limited tick Meeks has received led to averages of 4.1 ppg and 1.5 rpg during his time with the Bucks. 

Our analysis of this trade — who cares?  However we do have two questions.  (1) Why would the Sixers give up a 2nd round pick in this deal?  and (2) Why would Stefanski trade for another member of the 2009 NBA Draft class when his head coach refuses to play the talented rookie the Sixers already have on their roster (Jrue Holiday) for the extended minutes he deserves? 

To us there is a much more interesting blurb about a member of the 76ers in this week’s Sports Illustrated. 

Not the Swimsuit Issue, that came last week.  We’re talking about the SI with Olympic stud Apolo Ohno on the front cover.  On page fifteen of that issue there is a “SI Players NBA Poll” and the question SI presented to a host of NBA players recently was, “Who is the most overrated player?” 

Here’s are the results of the nearly 200 NBA players that were polled:

  1. Tracy McGrady — 9%
  2. Danny Granger — 4%
  3. (TIE)  LaMarcus Aldridge — 3%;  Andre Iguodala — 3%;  Lebron James — 3%

That’s right in a poll conducted among his peers, the Sixers golden boy AI9, finished in a tie for third as to who is the most overrated player in the NBA.  Hey, at least Iggy was in good company.

Philadunkia Note : 

On the way out the door, Royal Ivey a class act and a true professional all season posted this comment on his ROYALTYIVEY Twitter account…” Thanks for all the support from the fans!  I did what I could do play HARD!!” 

Though his role was limited, Ivey was one of the few Sixers who had a clue defensively and at times he provided much needed lockdown help off the bench.


7 Responses to “A TRADE & A QUICK LINK”

  1. Cory
    18. February 2010 at 15:44

    The trade is pretty much meaningless for 76ers fans, as well as others around the league.

    The team put itself in a big hole w/ the signing of Brand & Igoudala’s extension. Too many big contracts, not enough trade-worthy talent.

    Guess Sixers fans just wait for next year? Sucks to be you…

  2. steve f.
    18. February 2010 at 16:47

    The Sixers are stuck in such a rut of mediocrity it’s sad. I’m surprised they didn’t stay with their tradition of picking up former stars way beyond their prime and get McGrady. Stoudemire stayed put with the Suns, but the Sixers will get him one day, when his better days are way behind him. But, as a dedicated Sixers fan, I’m going to wait for them to improve and still cheer for a championship, I just hope it’s in my lifetime!

  3. GBH
    18. February 2010 at 18:05

    sad that fans were pretty much aligned on blowing up the team but it did not happen. not that managing a franchise based on fan opinions will always lead to success, but maybe something to consider when you are becoming irrelevant/reviled. when a team gets to this point you have to fire stefansky 8 weeks ago because there is no way he is incented to blow up the team as it is a blatant admission of failure and then he has to get fired. it was in his best interests to shop and publicize these trades and then say that nothing made basketball sense beyond this worthless bucks trade. he will hope they are in the hunt for the last playoff spot and save his job another year.

    it’s disgusting, and even worse is that i have probably followed this team more than ever lately praying for trades, a chance at john wall or some sign of hope. we suffered through this with billy king and now more of the same and i am defeated, disgusted, and depressed. what i don’t get is how can you overpay dalembert, brand and iguodala when they are not cornerstone pieces and you are basically bidding against yourself. on top of that you had to know that salaries would take a dump based on the economy and the impending collective bargaining debacle (which by the way, would clearly favor the owners because after the last one they know they are in a much better position to weather the storm of a lockout).

    if i was in charge i would have tried to keep miller at a fair price, same for iguodala and dalembert and an offer for brand (fair meaning if i want to trade one of them i am fairly confident i can get equal value or better). clearly you would have to have been able to look at those contracts and realize they were contracts you would have doled out 8-10 years ago which did not work out very well (coleman, marbury, francis, webber, kenny thomas et al). anyone with common sense would have realized that those contracts would be untradeable, unless brand turned into dwight howard and iguodala turned into lebron. not likely ed, not likely.

    they compound this by hiring jordan who was only really successful as an assistant and he had jason kidd as his pg so the princeton maybe made sense and worked in that case. on top of bad personnel moves we’re now also wasting an entire year because he is so incompetent that i can’t even tell if we have good players, players who could be good, or if they all suck. thad, speights, lou, smith, kapono, carney, and holliday either don’t seem to be improving or the rotations are so retarded they have been devalued and cannot be evaluated. now we stand pat when we could at least have cleared sammy and iguodala’s contracts and taken a chance in the lottery while developing the young core? i want to vomit.

    they have no plan. if this team wanted to compete, which it seems like they did by signing brand and iguodala, then you either have to bring miller back or draft ty lawson, not a 4 year pg project. now we have a mix of highpriced untradeable assets we are tied to while we try and rebuild, with a gm who has no incentive to rebuild.

  4. DJ 1Mic
    19. February 2010 at 08:19

    The team is good enough to be the 6th or 7th best in the east, but our coach on average is losing like 1.5 games a week for us… its tough to overcome…

    can we start some sort of fire eddie jordan petition…

  5. Jared
    19. February 2010 at 12:49

    I know many people say that this is a bench player but we don’t know that. Alot of players are picked in the second round and turn out to be very good players. It’s so many underrated plaers in the league today, that some might say they would rather have over some super stars. An example can be said of a guy like David Lee who is not well known probably but is close or may average a double double a night. Jodie Meeks might be our starting shooting guard of the future nobody knows. How can people just right off a guy in his rooking season like that. It’s his “rookie” season. He could turn out to be an allstar. How bad would some people feel if he turned out to be our starting shooting guard and all we did was make a trade that some may feel is “minor”. Just remember how people booed donanvon how did that trun out?

  6. chickenhk
    19. February 2010 at 23:55

    I concur with some posts. Eddy Jordan was NOT the answer to what we needed. That said, a house clearing was not either. Dalembart is terrible n needs to go. Willy Green gone!!! U play speights, holliday, J. Smith marked minutes from this point on n see if they can actually gitter done. NOT in a “Princeton” offense either. I was a grad assistant for a college that had a player drafted..well lets say between 10-20 a couple years ago. The coach, instead of getting him a touch on every possession ran an offense that had no screens and was a continuity offense that meant the main guy gotta touch every 5 passes..that just didn’t make sense.. Just as the Sixer offense doesnt make sense.
    Thanks ed for hiring your friend..NOT

  7. GBH
    22. February 2010 at 15:14

    chances are meeks will at best be a bench player. he might end up being our sg of the future, but that’s typically not the way it works dude. the reason people are vexed isn’t because they are not willing to give meeks a chance, it’s because the 6ers management, coaching, and personnel decisions have historically blown and they had a chance to make some larger more significant moves and did not. this trade is filled with the stink of let’s make a trade so it at least looks like you were actually trying but decided not to unless it made “basketball” sense. your other points are disjointed and confusing. who are the underrated players you would rather have over superstars? david lee was underrated 2 years ago, most people know who he is and value his ability but he also is putting up double doubles on a terrible team. there’s not a shortage of players in the nba capable of doing that. mcnabb point also makes zero sense.

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