Believe it or not there were some “NBA experts” on the web who actually took the time to evaluate the last minute, small-time deal the 76ers and the Bucks put together featuring bench warmers Royal Ivey and Primo Brezec of the Sixers as well as a second round pick in exchange for Jodie Meeks and Francisco Elson of Milwaukee.

To be honest the deal means nothing to us.  Ed Stefanski is basically hoping that after 41 games in the NBA, Meeks a guy he loved at the 2009 NBA Draft, is better prepared to contribute in the League during 2010-11 then anyone he could select in the early second round of this June’s NBA Draft.  However, we’re trying to figure out how the Sixers are going to evaluate Meeks and what exactly he may be able to contribute to the team next season with the very limited minutes he will see in the remainder of 2010.  With the stack of guards and guard-forwards currently on the roster of Philadunkia’s home team (Holiday, Iverson, Green, Williams, Kapono & Carney), we don’t see Meeks getting much tick.  Additionally, Edddie Jordan has proven through his ridiculous treatment of Jrue Holiday, that he does not like to play rookies.  Basically the deal could be a huge waste of time of Meeks doesn’t get some shots up in a Sixers uniform soon.

After the jump we present what the experts had to say bout the Sixers acquisition of shooting guard Jodie Meeks from Milwaukee. Insider John Hollingerhad this to say…”Philly liked Meeks heading into the draft, so it didn’t shock me to see the 76ers pursue him now.  The deal is cap neutral and gives the Sixers a shooter, something they desperately need.  While Meeks has made only 28.2 percent of his 3-pointers with Milwaukee, his college shooting numbers were so good that one can easily dismiss the 82-shot sample he’s provided in the NBA.   Elson has some value as a defensive center, but Philly already is knee-deep in big men, so he probably won’t play and might be a buyout candidate.   Grade: B-“

Over at Dime magazine’s website, writer Austin Burton listed AI9 as one of their 5 biggest trade deadline losers saying…”Since the Sixers failed to pull the trigger on a perfectly sensible deal that would have sent Iguodala to Houston, and they didn’t seem close to any other trades, A.I.2 may be doomed to play out his prime years as a misplaced “franchise guy” on a mediocre team.” 

SI.comlisted the Sixers as one of their trade deadline losers saying…”They worked the phones for weeks trying to unload the contracts of Andre Iguodala, Samuel Dalembert and Elton Brand.  Instead they unloaded Brezec and Ivey.  Seems like they were just trying to justify making all those phone calls.”

The fellas at described the 76ers trade with the Bucks as the, “shittiest trade of the year.”

We exchanged texts with ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler and this is what he had to say, “I like Meeks, but it has absolutely no short term or long term impact on the organization.  Maybe the most inconsequential trade in recent memory.  Where is the plan (for this team)?”

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